Forum Updates 28/12/2015 - Smiley Manager, User Following Improvements

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  1. I was saving these to go with the new style and other things, but that's being delayed slightly, so here they are now. :burns:

    SMILEY MANAGER [Legends]

    We now have a smiley manager. This is where Legend members can add their own smilies to use. These are private and other members cannot use your smilies, so you may still request "official" smilies in the usual thread.
    Uploaded smilies must be 100x100px or smaller, and no larger than 32kb in file size.
    Access the smiley manager from your account menu,


    This is an example of how to add a smiley,


    And your smilies will display in their own tab when add posts or using the chat,



    When following a user, you are now prompted with the following options,


    You will receive an alert when a followed user does anything you enable here.
    There is now an alert preferences button on the People You Follow page to edit alerts for existing followed users.

    More to come, enjoy! :happy2:
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Well, that's cool and all... But, too bad this is for Legend members only. :downer:
  4. I thought you still had it :urm:
  5. I haven't had it in forever, actually. It was nice while it lasted, though.
  6. Upgrade here.
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    LOL, seriously? I am well aware of that option... Been aware of it from the get-go. I would if I could, though.
  8. First of all, yay! Thanks, Solidus! Always trying to make things better, unlike some previous owners. :tough:

    Speaking of self-indulgent pricks, not to undersell this, but as brought up before: Is there any way we can have our own personal taggable smiley? Like if we tag @Testify we can just use the Devon smiley :testify: or tag Aids and get this dude :stopspot: and have our own personal flair to our tagging?
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  9. It's not possible right now, but it can possibly be done. Maybe it'll have the @mention and the smiley, so :xanth:@Xanth
  10. Upgrade should go through as soon as Solidus sees it, should be lifetime.
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  11. Dayum, very nice. Thanks a lot!
    Welcome to lifetime Legend @Prince Bálor
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  12. OMG! I'm literally speechless, seabs! I'm forever grateful, brother!
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  13. Smiley manager is disabled for now, it conflicts with our chat/live discussion feature. I expect this'll be fixed in 48 hours max.
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  14. Always knew @seabs was the real goat. What a lad.
  15. I'm going to have all the Kanye emotes, ALL OF THEM!
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  16. Ooh, you touch my tralala.
  17. This if fixed, smiley manager is enabled again.
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    Well that didn't work
  19. well damn