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    First of all, apologies for the downtime. I messed up in a huge way and will make sure I don't do it again.
    Anyway, updates.

    New moderator and admin:

    Please welcome @Solid Snake (Britanica) as an administrator, and also welcome @Trip in the Head as a moderator.

    New way to rate posts:

    There is no longer the option to simply "like" a post, now there are multiple options represented by icons. See here:


    Feel free to suggest different ratings, or ones that should be removed.

    The theme:

    Obviously. But here's a tip, click this:


    AD Styler will allow you to change the background, and customize the theme how you like it.
    I'll also open a thread for new background selections soon.

    New group system:
    This new system will allow members who paid to create and manage their group without the need for an admin.
    You can set group descriptions, avatars, promote members to moderators, invite members, and so much more.
    Those of you who own a group now will be given permission to recreate your group there.
    All current groups will be closed and viewable as an archive only.

    Here you can create albums of photo's and videos. This is strictly for WWE events, merchandise, and graphics only.
    You can also set viewing permissions, comment on member photo's and videos, like them, and more.


    You can now add tags to threads,


    These tags are displayed and the bottom of threads, and on the forum homepage under list of sections.
    You can now tag users in status updates.
    You can view most popular and trending tags at (a link will be added in the navigation bar)
    #hashtags are a thing now too.

    That's about all for now, let me know your thoughts.

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  2. My name is GREEN! I love it

    Also, lol that my status already addresses the post options other than "like"
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  3. You can like something for the sake of liking it but if there is an argument or disagreement going on on a subject people can choose to agree or disagree. I see what you mean though.
  4. Ohhhhh I get it, ok
  5. Grats on the Promo to Moderator, don't fugg up! lol.
  6. Mmmmm, I'm tempted to flaunt my new found powers on those deserving of it, but that would be bad. With great power comes great yada yada yada......
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  7. Whats up with you being admin. You were gone and became a "part-timer". Now your an admin!? WHOA!
  8. I have been helping with other forums and stuff and honestly, I don't have much of a life haha
    I planned on being more active since I have more time now as well.
  9. Awwwwwwwe-some!
  10. OH HELL NO! DON'T MIZ ME! :angry: :mad2: :why: :upset: :cry: :okay:
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  11. LMAO, I didn't even mean to. Damn you MIZ!!!!! I was saying it that way LOOOONG before his sorry ass lol.
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  12. Yeah he has ruined a lot of things for people... :haha:
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  13. Nice one :emoji_grin:! I already approve of the Solidus reign!
  14. Like wrestling??? Ohhhh [​IMG]
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  15. :win:
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  16. I see what you did there :happy:
  17. :ksi:
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  18. Haha, legends are pee yellow now?
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  20. SON UH MUH GUN! :angry: :mad2: :finger:
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