Found some old poems... Oh boy. lol

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. So I came across some old poems, one actually is someone elses website. They musta liked it enough to post it haha... this one..

    I rewind sometimes in my empty mind
    To feel pain release like unwinding time
    And sometimes the fear is to hard to appose
    Knowing this path was wrong that I chose
    I take an ounce of this sinful pleasure
    An essence of lies bound in rapture
    It’s like a shot of poisonous rain
    That drips down my spine like immortal pain
    I try to stand up to catch my fall
    But I’m broken to pieces with no one to call
    No one understands this pain that I’m feeling
    And no one even knows how I’m dealing
    To chase a lie with a shot of depression
    Like saying I quit and I’m only guessing
    No one will ever know the life that I’m living
    Welcome to my world of true addiction

    Anyone else write poetry or creative writing? Or am I the only word nerd? lol
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  2. I do some writing! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Here's one of my poems:

    And I Just Stood There.

    You were zooming on the highway
    And a truck went sideways.
    Colliding in front of my eyes,
    And I just stood there.

    You were clearly going to your girl
    To ask to give marriage a whirl.
    Happened going the same way,
    And I just stood there.

    I was about to drink away
    Hoping my sorrows won’t stay.
    I didn’t know what to do,
    And I just stood there.

    When I, after all these years, told you I love you
    You got mad, and told me that we aren’t cool.
    You thought I wanted to turn you into a mess and left,
    And I just stood there.

    I didn’t know why
    But I didn’t want to pry.
    I knew what to do,
    And I just stood there.

    I called nine double one
    Told them you were a victim of a hit ‘n run.
    They told me to try to see if you were alive,
    And I just stood there.

    Luckily, someone stopped and pulled you out of the car
    But his CPR was below par.
    Shouted he was wrong for putting too much pressure,
    And I just stood there.

    “Why not do it? And judging by your plate,
    You are a doctor, he badly needs a professional at this state.”
    Simply, I told him, “I cannot, now do it properly.”
    And I just stood there.

    I was afraid you’ll be mad at me
    Or that you’ll still pick her more than me.
    Now you’re six feet below the ground,
    And I just stood there.
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  3. Wow. That is very emotional and dark. I enjoyed it. I use to write a lot like that when I was in my teens, as you can see above. I can tell you have creative spark. You should follow it and see where it leads you.
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  4. Probably on top of the teachers desk
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  5. Thanks! I usually write stories, I'm not too much on poetry. :emoji_slight_smile:)
    You got me. He was my English teacher.
  6. From hearing you talk he didn't do his job very well, or maybe he did depending on what kind of job you were looking for.
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  7. Read my promo in my match with Adam against Jwab and Eddy in the IWT and you'll see how shitty my poems are. Now seriously, I wrote some when I was younger and now I have no time to do it so I just do it when I have some time and only for the IWT.
  8. Sun-blistering summer nights
    Swallow the dusty trail home,
    but I turned away.
    The world is a lake of fire,
    and we have one cold heart each.
  9. HARDY HAR HAR DANNY. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
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