Frankie Kazarian Is Now On A Dolph Ziggler's Level of Greatness

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. You read well, I think I'm not exagerrating. This guy is just amazing in 2012 and deserves his own discussion thread. He's been a constant the whole year, from the very beginning of it. The way he bumps (like a pro ragdoll) and sells the moves, and especially the shock when a babyface kicks out of his finisher... HIs facial expressions also.:obama: Mic work and charisma have also improved drastically over the past years it's just awesome. I remember him back in the end of Xplosion TV in 2011 that 2012 is gonna be his year and he hadn't touch a bit of what he can do for TNA... Boy, he did NOT lie. He confirmed it. From great matches with Daniels (who also deserves a huge credit for Frankie's improvement), AJ and Kurt, amazing lines like Heath/Thunderlips to working the match with bad shoulder and still making it good in process. Few years back, I saw something in him, but it wasn't IT. Now, I believe this is IT.

    This guy is on the mean streak. Hopefully he continues with this awesome work. Frankie 4 life.
  2. I have to agree, Frankie has stepped up his game, and is on an equal level with Ziggler. I would love to see a match with them two. He and Daniels are probably the best tag team in TNA since Beer Money & MCMG.
  3. Well they're the only team known.
    Like in 2010 there was LAX 2.0?, Beer Money, Generation Me, MCMG, Team 3D and Fortune.

    Now there's just very odd pairings. :testify::bully:
  4. Agreed.

    He's God tier.
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