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  1. *Camera pans to Ben Song sitting on his throne with his hood up and his head down. In his left hand he has a black bag. Reaper and The Webmaster are nowhere to be seen*
    Ben Song: Hammett. I know you can hear this so I'm going to send you a message. I think you know that everyone sees us as the outsiders here in Exodus. We're hated by most people for being 'freaks' and I believe the only way we can get rid of these heinous opinions is to join forces and introduce our own style of justice for those who cast us out. Think about it, with your undying need to hurt people - especially their legs - and my undying need to control exodus we could be unstoppable.
    *Ben Song stands up and pulls down his hood to reveal his face. One half of Ben Song's face is covered in red ink in the shape of a crudely drawn half of a skull*
    Ben Song: Now I know what your thinking H, "why the hell does this guy have face paint on". Well that is very simple. I have followed your career I was there watching back in TWF when you where a villain and a hero. I remember being confused when you announced your retirement from in-ring action and became the general manager but the only thing I want you to do Hammett, is to embrace that evil one last time and join us, The Disciples.
    *Ben Song pours the bags contents onto the floor. Pictures of The Amazing H in TWF flood out onto the floor one of H in his suit being newly-crowned GM another of H sitting on his own golden throne drinking tea back from when he didn't like any of his 'fans' and, finally, one of Hammett being pinned by Jet Starr back in the days that he loved the fans and couldn't win any titles if he tried*

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