News Fred Armisen joining Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. With Jimmy Fallon taking Jay Leno's place, Seth Meyers from SNL's Weekend Update is taking Jimmy Fallon's spot on the Late Night show..
    Now it's been stated that Fred Armisen another SNL alum and also popular from the show Portlandia (Pretty goddamn funny) will be joining up with him as the band leader for the show.

    Some of you may not find this appealing but I myself love talk shows and am ecstatic for this news, I love Fred Armisen and think he will contribute to the show.
  2. Just gonna post here how awesome Jimmy Fallon is. Yes, nothing to do with this thread at all.
  3. Jimmy Fallon is greatt!
    Can't wait to see him on the Tonight Show starting next week, I've been hearing he's got an EXCELLENT guest line-up for his first week.
  4. I heard he tried to bring Conan on, but unfortunately Jay Leno shut that down too.
  5. Jimmy Fallon is probably the King of Late Night talk shows. Jimmy Fallon has slain the great Larry King.
  6. I'm so happy Leno is finally off the air, his material was getting oh so stale..
    Fallon is perfect for the job and yes he will most likely be the king of Late night Talk shows after his run on the Tonight show gets established.
    Before it was announced that Fallon was moving up and Seth was taking over for Fallon I was afraid the Late Night talk shows were about to be dead and buried for the time being, these two are about to breathe new life into it!
  7. Agreed... Fallon and Myers will both be great.. can't wait to see his Tonight show debut and Myers' Late Night debut..... smartest thing Fallon ever did though.. having the Roots as his house band... pure awesomeness!
  8. Fallon is probably the only reason I've been watching any late night talk show in the past 5-10 years. The man is brilliant!
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