Free Anti-Virus?

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  1. Hey, I'm just looking for abit of advice really, I've currently got Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my laptop, and I was wondering if you guys knew of a better Anti Virus?, because this isn't the first time that MSE has decided to let a virus stroll into my laptop.

    I'm looking for a Free AV, that doesn't hog down my laptop.

    I've been recommended Avira & Avast. Do you guys have any recommendations?



  3. Malware Bytes had free and paid.
    Free works well.
  4. AVG Free and Avast Free have never caused me any problems.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'll get installing right away.
  6. Avira's really good. :emoji_wink:)
  7. AVG free.
  8. Malware Bytes is not to replace your anti virus.
    MSE is fine, though if you do wish to replace it, I recommend Avira and Panda Cloud (which is extremely lightweight). I do not recommend AVG.

  9. why not :(( i have it.. am i gonna die? :((
  10. Combination of Comodo Firewall and Avira.

    Comodo will tell you what files are accessing what and if you want to block it or not, regardless if it's a virus or not, and Avira has an amazing detection rate.
  11. Why? AVG has been the default for most of the companies I've worked for, all be it paid licences but they all advise free AVG for those who can not afford or will not pay. A lot of those are professional technicians who have been in the field for 30+ years. When I used AVG it was flawless.

    It''s better if you know your way around it though so you can tweak it to how you want it I guess.
  12. Thanks for all the recommendations guys, I decided to install Avast!, It has a women that tells me when my scan is completed! hehe..
  13. Eh, where I work (network technician at a school) don't actually use antiviruses, rather hardware firewalls to just filter all of it coming in. It really varies.

    From personal experiences from the worst site ever HF, Avira is the best purely because of its amazing detection rate. Those kids with their .NET crypters could never get it undetected by Avira.
  14. I know Malware Bytes and Hitman are both good free Anti Virus softwares! Malware bytes could be your main Anti Virus and what Hitman does is double check everything through their scanners so if something was missed that will pick it up :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. ^again, Malware Bytes isn't intended to replace the likes of Avira and Avast, it is a secondary manual scanner.
    Crayo, I don't recommend AVG because of its failure to detect many new and known malware time and time again, and the terrible memory usage.
    I think all you need Avira/Panda Cloud, Online Armour Firewall, and Winpatrol. Each 3 are the best in their category, and combined with safe browsing (using script blockers and downloading from reputable websites), your computer will be just fine.
  16. Solidus: I DL'd Avira and it definitely draws less memory than AVG. I also downloaded Online Armour and it also seems to be working nicely.
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