Free-bird rule coming back?

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  1. There has been reports that the Free-bird rule may be coming back.. it would be used with The New Day.. basically what it is if you don't know already is that if there is a team of 3 people that any 2 of those 3 could represent the titles on any given night..

    Personally I think this rule should stay away from coming back.. to me it makes no sense, I mean the two guys who actually WIN the match should be the ones who hold the straps.. the 3rd guy shouldn't be able to ride their coattails IMO..

    What do you guys think about the potential return of this rule in regards to The New Day?​

  2. I wouldn't mind it, honestly. I think it's better especially when the 3rd guy isn't going to do anything if they don't apply the rule besides cheer in every match. Don't think we have to worry about it because why would they put the belt on the New Day? I think the guys have potential but this gimmick is not working. They normally get 0 reaction. But, I guess given that it's possible they'll just put the belts on them anyway :dawg:
  3. Every show I've seen with them on the only thing I hear are "NEW.. DAY!" chants.. they're not as loud as normal pops but it's still the only thing I hear.
  4. Really? Maybe I'm off here, granted I skip some stuff but I can only remember them coming out, clapping and maybe one guy in the audience reacting. But even if they do get to win the tag belts this doesn't seem like something they'd go with in this current day and age, especially given it wasn't originated in the WWE.
  5. Maybe I'm overlooking some shows.. the RAW I was at and SD & RAW I believe it was two weeks ago they were getting a nice "NEW DAY!" chant reaction.
  6. I don't mind it, so whatever...
  7. I actually remember speculating on here back in early 2013 as to whether they might resurrect the Free-Bird rule for The Shield or not, should they ever win the Tag Team Championships. I think it would have worked brilliantly with them because they were booked as a dominant trio who just ran roughshod over everybody for months, whereas with New Day, they're, well, nobodies. I don't mean that all three guys aren't talented in their own way because they are, just that their gimmick sucks and it's more than likely that they'll never win the tag titles at all. And even if they do, they won't be keeping them long enough for them to even make good use of the rule anyway.
  8. Heel rule brought back for face team? Yeah, Vince would do that
  9. I completely thought they would've done it with the Shield.. I guess when Dean had the US Titel it didn't make sense for them to do that at that point.
  10. Use this to turn Kofi Heel.
  11. I think they'll bring it back to turn the New Day heel.

    This has always been a faction that I thought was designed to be heel in the long run (if they're intended to be a babyface team long-term, they've picked a really stupid gimmick to do it with....of course, WWE gonna WWE) and they could bring back the rule to lead them into a heel run.

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  12. This. This. So much this. ^

    I've wanted The New Day as a heel stable from the get-go, so if they're gonna run with it in the near future, so be it.

    Every sign's been pointing at a fatal four-way match for the tag titles at Mania, so if the free-bird rule's coming back shortly after Mania and The New Day wins the titles, then cool, I'd have no problem with TK & Cesaro losing the titles.
  13. I never remembered seeing this rule, it would be interesting, I mean its like a 6-man tag title (which could of worked well last year) but only New Day and Los Matadores would use it, for they are the only teams of 3 right now.
  14. Technically, Los Matadores wouldn't really be able to use it, seeing as how they're two and a half men group. :zayn:
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  15. I think El Torito earned his right as a full superstar
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  16. The Freebird Rule (named, of course, after the Fabulous Freebirds, one of the no-doubt greatest tag teams of all time) came around in the 1970's (if memory serves) and was big into the 1980's and 1990's (I'm trying to remember the last time a team used it....I'm thinking the West Texas Rednecks back in WCW?). It just says that, with a three-man team, any two can defend the belts at any time. It was actually brought about because three-man tag teams were passing away (at least as formal teams....there are, obviously, still six-man tag matches).

    The NWA had a Six-Man Tag Championship (defended in six-man tag matches) that was active from 1974 to 1988 and enjoyed a brief revival in NWA 2000 in 1998.

  17. Freaking exactly.
    Does anybody remember how Daniel Bryan turned heel in the first place? Is anybody aware that the 'Yes' Movement initially began as a heel tactic, or taunt if you will?
    I figured The New Day were a bunch of black guys jumping around begging for support for their ethnocentric racism
    The over-jubilation they displayed struck me, from day one, as pompous, ignorant and a tad sleezy.

    I suppose since Daniel Bryan can jump around like a tool and be adulated then society is ready for three african-american to do the exact same thing and it would still be 'cute'.
  18. I like it, bring back proper stables.
  19. New Day is lame even by 2015 WWE standards
  20. The rule in itself could be used to reinvigorate Factions and the whole Tag Team division as a one off or not used correctly it could ruin the 3-4 tag teams still viable. We could use it to bring in ppl though if done correctly, as factions could be formed etc.....
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