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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. What are some good free Steam games?

    Recommend them to me please. :yay:
  2. Team Fortress 2 :emoji_slight_smile:
    I was playing that for a good bit of time before I got busy with work and shit.
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  3. Whats that one about?
  4. It's a 1st person shooter, kind of cartoonish.
    There's different classes like: Sniper, Scout, Medic, Heavy Weapons, Pyro, Soldier, Demolition Man, Spy and I think that's it..
    But it's usually two teams going against eachother.
    As you progress through the game and get more kills you start unlocking items and shit that do different things for your character.
    Those Items also appear on your character so it changes your appearance in game for everyone to see, there are some really funny and cool stuff that you can use.
    It takes awhile to get up to getting the best stuff but sometimes people will make trades if they end up getting duplicates of something.

    Idk I thought it was really fun for a free game, but I'm also a 1st Person Shooter kind of guy and played Team Fortress Classic back in the day.
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  5. I will look into it. I like FPS :obama:
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  6. I went to this store called the "Dollar Tree" by me which sells everything for a dollar
    they have a small media section and I found a Steam game called Breach in there.. I think it sells for like $7 but Idk I haven't installed it yet have been meaning to try it.
  7. Saints Row IV is free this weekend if you wanna try and play that
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  8. Thanks for the info, I do actually want to try that. I loved SR I and have only played the II..
    I've heard #4 is pretty decent though.. I guess we shall see this weekend! :jericho:
  9. It's the same map as SR3 but with new mobs, not that great but it passes the time. Oh and you get "super powers" as well.
  10. yeah I we have them stores as well. LOL

    *lives in Ohio*
  11. Well luckily I have not played SR3 so it will be a new experience for me :rock:
  12. :jericho:
  13. Ditto, Columbus.
    Check it out you might find a copy, I saw like 5 in my local store.
    I always go there to get the blu rays and trade them into this one store.. I buy them for $1 and trade them for $2 in store credit :emoji_wink:
  14. I use to always go to the Dollar Tree they have such cool finds in there. Going to stock up on some stuff soon. I will be a lazy American and do it all online though. lmao
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  15. Yah I love the Dollar Tree, I visit there probably like once a month.
    I went there on the first day in the morning that they got Halloween decorations this past year because last year and the year before they were always sold out pretty quick and I managed to spend 8 dollars and get Halloween decorations that will last for awhile and make the presentation look pretty spooky to kids haha.

    They have decent stuff to make cheap Christmas gift bags with for extended family that are children for cheap, I have like 4 little cousins I spent like $3 a piece on each of them, their toy aisle is surprisingly decent.

    I get most of my personal media collection from online,
    There's sometimes better deals and if not they usually are the same price as in stores except you don't have to waste gas to drive and go get it.
    Or if you don't have a car walk and go get it haha.
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  16. I am quite fond of their candles, glasses (drinkware), decor items. I mean for 1$ you can get a a piece of decor that would otherwise be $10+ in any other store. I also like that they have light bulbs. As random as that sounds. 3 for $1, YES! And they aren't them nasty spiral mercury infested cancer beams. I am going to stock up on them so when they stop production of the other ones I will have some for many years.
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