Friday Night SmackDown [1/27/12] Results Summary

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Jan 25, 2012.

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    ORTONS' BACK! Wooooooooooo
  2. In my opinion they should be giving Rhodes mic time every week. Random squash matches will kill his momentum.
  3. I could care aless about Rhodes, ORTONS BACK!! :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin:

    Anyways, I just searched youtbe for about 20 minutes straight, no uploads of smackdown yet for this week. I will keep searching though, and post it in of of my posts ASAP :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. You won't see any until late tomorrow/early Friday.
  5. Dang that sucks.. I'm really really looking forward to seeing Ortons return and the multiple RKO's he produces...
  6. There could be some fan recorded stuff on youtube.
  7. I've searched... Can't find anything. You might beable to better oh god of youtube, I salute you...

  8. This looks like it could be it.
  9. They used the new layout! The entrance area looks epic.
  10. Dafuck, orton is cool. He used RKO to all of em. Want to watch it so bad.
  11. Don't worry, 2 days time SmackDown will be on our YouTube. It's not even aired in any country yet :emoji_grin:
  12. Think that video is actually a house show. I know it's a similar thing, but they don't use that stage on the televised version. Also, it's Kingston, Santino & someone else who gets RKO'd. Didn't see Hawkins or Trent get RKO'd.
  13. Correct. Orton made a house show appearance on Tuesday night somewhere. Friday is his first televised return though.
  14. I'll watch it for sure. :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Oh wait, @[Sage], that is SmackDown.. for sure. House shows don't have really high rows of people. This was Smackdown. Observe closely to the cameras in the background.
  16. Still sceptical. Different superstars than the spoilers & that staging used is only for house shows.
  17. PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3
  18. Bryan is so good at the moment. Never thought I'd say he's the most entertaining person on the mic on SmackDown (except from Rhodes).
  19. I really don't like the way Kayfabe is putting Bryan over though. I hope Bryan retains though so Orton can beat Bryan at Elimination Chamber or WM.
  20. Personally i love randy orton he is my 2nd best wrestler

    im new hey:emoji_slight_smile: