Friday Night Smackdown March 6th 2012 SPOILERS!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Mar 7, 2012.

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    There you go, what do you think? Seems like it's nice "SHUT UP AJ".
  2. I'm only watching for Drew Mcintyre and the steel cage. Or else f*ck creative they are doing jack shit with this Orton/Kane feud. All they are doing is attack each other with no real reason.
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  3. More detail spoilers:

    Another shit episode of SmackDown.

    No Crayo stop it for Laurinaitis' sake.
  5. "*Theodore Long defeated John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis came out in his black track suit and black spandex pants and shoes. Long came out next with Aksana. Laurinaitis grabbed a mic and told Long to lay down. At that moment, Kane came out. Randy Orton appeared and RKO'd Kane at ringside. Long rolled up Laurinaitis for the three count."

    Epic Orton segment.
  6. Orton burying Kane.
  7. Rather have Orton bury Kane, than Kane bury Orton.
  8. This.
  9. Kane never buries anyone, it's Kane, the most selfless superstar of all time.
  10. GOD DAM IT! I got match right though just not the right winner DAM IT! :shock:
  11. Haha I thought of you straight away when I read that match. I told you.

    1-0 Crayo :pity:
  12. still got the match right though.
  13. All right smackdown! (Y)
  14. WTF WWE you don't bury a resurrected heel from one of the greatest eras in wrestling to some babyface to establish a feud. Fuck WWE man they treat Smackdown by writing crappy shows for them. Fuck WWE filler matches Kane AND Orton deserve better.

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  15. Wow, this week of wrestling has been terrible... Creativity with Santino is the only good thing going right now.

    *Incoming WWE Rant*

    Dear WWE: Wrestlemania 27: Randy Orton versus CM Punk. Orton went through the Nexus and squashed Punk on the RTWM. Nobody cared about the match AT ALL because you booked the feud backwards. Fast forward to Summerslam 2011: Randy Orton was in the worst feud of 2011 with Christian. Teddy Long was giving him everything he could, and forced Christian to work and fight for everything... Orton was booked like an unstoppable monster, and Christian was clearly fighting a losing battle. So we'd want to cheer on the underdog, Christian, right? No. Christian was a damn good heel. If each match wasn't really good, NOBODY WOULD OR SHOULD CARE. Randy Orton was one of the lowest drawing champions you EVER had last year... Why are you trying this SuperOrton Bullshit yet again when it's a proven failure?

    When the babyface looks dominant and gives you the result you're looking for in advance of the PPV, then we as fans have no reason to want to order the PPV to cheer on our beloved babyface and cheer him to victory. You taught me this, Vince. You used to know this. What happened to you?
  16. Nice post. Wasn't Orton a draw when he was a heel though?

  17. The comments at 624 and 735 had me rolling! D-Bryan is a legend <3
  18. D-Bry is a legend.
  19. Bryan continues to be the best thing on smackdown.
  20. Easily, basically the only reason I bother to watch now Barrett has gotten injured.
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