Friday Night SmackDown results for 13th July

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  1. PWTorch.

    4/10 going off that.
  2. 1. ehhh
    2. Pretty good
    3. Oh GOD YES!!!
    4. the fuck is this?
    5. ehh at least it isnt noobs.
    6. pretty decent
    7. Fuck that

    wwwaaayyyyy better then Raw.
    No AJ drama :pity:
  3. resisting urge to read these :haha:
  4. :yes:

    Everything else = Don't care.
  5. (5) Ryback beat Tyler Reks. Ryback actually had to work for the victory, as it wasn’t handed to him. The crowd was still chanting Goldberg’s name, but everyone was chanting, “Feed me more,” by the end of it.

    Will watch this only.
  6. Ryder didn't have any participation = WTF'S THE REASON WHY YOU MADE HIM GM?
  7. The only bad thing seems to be Show / Khali and that was short. Jericho / Fella put on a great match by the sounds of it, Ryback doing more than head nodding is positive, Sandow / Gabriel will be interesting as well DZ , Rhodes Vs Christian , Santino.
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  8. Seems like an OK show.
  9. TWO walls of jericho? HHH must be so proud. Really actually into everything but Slow/Khali and seeing y2j get screwed again. Honestly best preshow match so far, go Hunico/Camacho.
  10. It doesn't sound too bad, tbh, much better than Raw reading off of the spoilers. Damien Sandow vs. Justin Gabriel sounds like a decent match. I will be interested to see just how long it takes Ryback to pummel Tyler Reks. :emoji_grin: The Main Event sounds great. 7/10 from the spoilers, decent overall by the sounds of it.
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