Friday Night Tykes

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  1. "You have the opportunity today to rip their freakin' head off and let them bleed," - says to 8 and 9 year olds.

    Way to go right derr 'Merica.

  2. Hahaha what a dick. Still beats most shit on TV though, as I'd actually watch this.
  3. inb4 you like all the verbal child abuse :woo1:
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  4. Little shits need to man up :tough:
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  5. I wanted to fight that coach when he said "go out there put your helmet in him, I don't care if you get up' or some shit like that

    plus a lot of those hits were burtal. I've never seen 8 year olds knocking heads like that.
  6. Will probably scan through this. Sounds brutal as fuck already.
  7. Play heavy metal in the background.
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  8. In all honesty, this is going to reflect terribly on football as a whole, even though obviously few if any take the shit as serious as Texas does. But with all of the head injury talk already and the NFL being sued and youth participation already down across the country... the foundation is being laid for the NFL's popularity to eventually tumble and especially for top athletes to start choosing other sports. Hell, MMA is a helluva lot safer than football for your long term health.
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  9. Godammit this guy is an asshole. Even I find this extremely harsh, would stab this bunghole.
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  10. Yea dude its ridiculous. Just think how hard he goes on the little shits when cameras aren't around :park:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Well he sure is hell ain't handing out candy. lol
    And people blame video games for everything but never realty TV. :pity:
  13. Texas is clearly the problem. Fucking clowns
  14. Smdh
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  15. "smack my derp head" :woo1:
  16. inb4 the Uk and Euro fags bash murrica
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  17. Going on 7AM most places over there... It's only a mater of time. :dawg:
  18. Texas*

    they want to be their own country and personally I think we should just get rid of the dumbfucks. sell Texas to China or something, that'll teach the clowns
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