Friends of EC3 Release First Campaign Video for #EC3ForChamp

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Apr 27, 2015.

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  1. Legend.
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  2. I'm glad he allows me to breathe his air :yay:
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    If they put the world title on this no talent hack, I'm done with TNA. Regardless of how good a talker he is, in my view it's wrestling ability first, mike skills second. He's not world title material in my mind.

    And I'm definitely not disparaging you guys from liking him. We all have different tastes. Hell, I'm a die hard Jeff Jarrett fan and I have taken tons of abuse from people over the years for that. With EC III though, I just don't get it. He grates on my nerves like a Tea Party Republican. And I'm already pissed off at TNA for taking the X title off Spud, and having Kong lose to the talentles Taryn Terrell. I haven't disliked a wrestler to this extent since Hulk Hogan. He just really rubs me the wrong way.
  4. It's a little hit or miss I guess. EC3 has only wrestled sparingly - probably for a reason - and while his matches have delivered, most of them have either been due to the other guy or the story. As champ in the current World Title picture, I'm sure that'll continue. Different strokes I guess as you're a much bigger Angle fan than I, not sure how you feel about EY or Lashley, but that World Title scene really needs a shot of charisma IMO. Adding both EC3 and TGMTEL to the mix is just what the doctor ordered, and EC3 can put on a good match with all those guys (except Lashley)

    Fuck that Kong/Taryn match btw. Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. Yeah I sort of get that about EC III. I try not to be a jerk talking about him because it seems like all of the people I like the most here on the forum are fans of his. And I've TRIED to get it... I've tried to understand, it just didn't happen.

    Yeah, I love Angle, but I've always been a big fan of Eric Young. I loved the guy back in the Team Canada days. I don't care for Lashley at all, actually.

    Now, in regards to Austin Aries, there's no good reason that TNA World Title is not around his waist right now. Even liking Angle as much as I do, the belt would be much better on Aries. Aries has the ring skill, the charisma and he can play a crowd as a face or a heel without really changing his personality at all. He is, in my mind, the most talented man TNA has. Honestly, I could get behind EC III having a short run with the belt if it's Aries that takes it off him.

    The only thing better that came out of Kong/Taryn is Kong and Kim on the same side. I'd love to see the two best female wrestlers in the world destroy the Dollhouse.
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