From Atrocity To Mediocrity in The X Division

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  1. The thread title is one of the ways to describe the X title switch on IMPACT when Kenny King pulled an upset, put his TNA career on the line, and beat Bob Van Dam CLEAN 1-2-3 to finally end the reing of dull once and for all. Last week when Bob beat King, I honestly thought that TNA does NOT count on King any longer. Thank God I was wrong.

    The problem is, now that Dam's awfulness is over, the X Division is represented by an average, mediocre wrestler. Should've been someone else or new. But at least it's an improvement over RVD.

    I like the change, but I'd also like to see the new champion at Slammiversary.

  2. Give King a chance. They let RVD bury him for a long time. Put him in a feud with someone who cares and watch the magic.
  3. Kenny is a great athlete at least, he'll summarize the fast pace the X division was supposed to be.
  4. Damn i havent seen this yet but assumed the spoiler meant someone finally beat BVD. I worry (again havent seen) BVD will get it back, but hopefully they somehow shove him as the guy aces and 8s goes over now to give him his shit 5 minutes.

    Kenny king is awesome, get Sanjay Dutt back and anyone else you can from before ( i liked rubix, and Christian york) but I would prefer Joey Ryan with it on him, could they turn him back face? :pity:
  5. Not watched the episode yet, but this makes me so much more pumped. The thread title is perfect as well; exactly how I would describe it.
  6. Thought they'd wait until Lockdown to make the change, but RVD losing is always nice. Although the ending was sort of screwed up :dawg:
  7. about time RVD lost, and put over some good young talent, as long as TNA leave RVD out of this stuff the x-div can be great and get stars in the making to come to main event standards, aa says hello
  8. Out of curiosity, how can you be even more pumped for the episode when I just spoiled (accidentally) you a major result?
  9. Knowing RVD loses is always a good thing.
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  10. I'm never pumped for SmackDown, but if I see a segment on the spoiler list where Henry or Shield have decimated someone I am pumped to see it. I don't get how you don't get that, simple stuff.

    And what seabs said.
  11. True that. Now hopefully he doesn't renew his TNA contract (which is expiring this March) and GTFOs somewhere to the parts of unknown.
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