From My Stand Point These 10 Wrestlers Is The Best Of All Time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wwe Entertainment, Sep 24, 2016.

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  2. [​IMG]


    Also, shit picks.
  3. Where's the Miz?
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  4. Where's the greatest of them all, John Cena? :cena4:
  5. I mean spike Dudley was a good wrestler but I almost choked up a lung Spike Dudley better then any of the wrestlers from 10-3 is a joke!...... I heard it all now spike Dudley according to this thread was better then Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker LMAO!
  6. No Gobbledy Gooker? It's a sad world we now live in.
  7. Too hard to put them in order but my best 10 of all time would have to be
    (so no particular order just naming)

    The undertaker
    Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold
    The Rock
    Triple H
    Aj Styles
    Kurt Angle
    I have to put him in here but I really don't want to Hulk Hogan
    Bret Hart
    Chris Jericho
    Honorable mentions to #Latino Heat #Rated R Super Star #9th Wonder of the World and Whooooo! 16 time champion #Ric Flair
  8. And John Cena will never be on this list Idgaf how many championships or whoever he beats #John Cena Sucks!
  9. Triple h
    Cm punk
    Daniel Bryan
    Kevin Owens
    Randy orton
  10. AJ Styles not on the list? List invalid.
  11. A list with some knowledge behind it:
    1. Ric Flair
    2. Dynamite Kid
    3. Kenta Kobashi
    4. Mitsuharu Misawa
    5. Steve Austin
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. Mil Mascaras
    8. AJ Styles
    9. Harley Race
    10. Shawn Michaels
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  12. Andre the giant
    Hulk Hogan
    Ric Flair
    Shawn Michaels
    Steve Austin
    Bret Hart
    Macho man
    Corperate rock
    Triple H
    Ultimate warrior (wildcard)
  13. What you saying turtle my list doesn't have any knowledge behind it? lol.....we have 5 of the same people on our list
  14. You don't even know who Dynamite Kid is do you?
  15. Thomas Billington he was only in the wwf for a few years great wrestler just didn't make my list
    @ How dare you question my intelligence turtle I am a true fan Lol
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