From Roode vs. Storm to Aries vs. Hardy

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  1. Lets face it: nobody saw it coming. Once Lockdown ended, everybody thought Roode-Storm would still main event BFG. Even when Slammiversary ended two months later, everybody thought the same. But when Aries won the title at Destination X, well.... Holy crap. It was still Roode-Storm that was settled in the eyes of fans as the main event of BFG.

    Dare I say it, some marks thought even after Hardcore Justice it'll still somehow be Roode-Storm. But #TGMTEL shaked things up with his greatness and Hardy certainly surprised and shocked just about everyone.

    Bottom line, these past 4-5 months just showed how wrestling can be unpredictable in a good way, so kudos to Impact Wrestling.
  2. I won't defend Hardy vs Aries, because it would have still been unpredictable to have Joe v Aries, or Ray v Aries. Though I'm hoping something big happens this Thursday because Bully Ray came out of No Surrender looking like a pansy noob.

    But otherwise you're right, kudos, this whole BFG series has been one massive success. Roode v Storm is still going to happen and that's great. Aries vs Hardy -- regardless of my feelings of Hardy being there -- will still be an awesome match, and Hardy looks like a completely different person recently which is great to see. Plus his theme is epic.
  3. Aries vs hardy is going to be an incredible match as long as hardy stays sober.

    Really hope hardy isn't affiliated with aces and 8s. That will be 10-10-10 all over again.
  4. :obama: so damn true.
  5. Exactly.

    When you think about it, WWE has a similar setup now with Punk holding onto the belt then jobbing to Rock at RR... so they better be keeping an eye on TNA on how to book this right. It's so freaking predictable, and that "predictability" helped make a star out of Aries. Lets hope Mince is watching TNA.
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