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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Bree, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. So I just wanted to take a moment to forward my thoughts on the subject of violence. I have decided that its not so bad afterall.. Bet you're thinking im a nutjob right now yeah? Read on...

    Id like to compare violence to drugs for just one moment.. a small amount now and then can be healthy for the mind , and leads to more discipline and self control. (dont want your anti-drug propaganda thanks). Im not saying everyone should go round randomly blindsiding some poor fucker on the street, but come on, who can honestly say they dont feel 1000 times better after actually punching someone? I regularly have fights with friends just for shits and giggles and never have any of us actually crossed the line and lost control. The benefit we get through violence, is control. And discipline. Violence has been used for many years to take over the world. Like think about wars, how the fuck did all those countries get conquered without violence? Like did they just make a speech to persuade a good hundred percent of the population to move out, and adhere to some other countries rules? LOL no.

    No, because that's not how things work. My point is that nowadays, I see all these new 'laws' being passed out in the Uk and other white countries, saying that violence is not allowed. and that you aren't allowed to beat your children. Now I don't give a fuck about the violence shit, but I'm sorry passing a law forbidding you to beat your kids is gonna do alot more harm then good. When I was a kid respect was tought through a form of fear effectively. You do something bad, you get a fucking slap, simple. Did that sort me out? yeah it did, all the way through to the age of 16 when you become your own responsibility. Do kids get that now? no. Thats why our streets are full of scum that think violence is acceptable in all forms. This leads back to the whole control and discipline point I raised earlier.

    I totally deserved every single one of those beats I got. Know why? Because if I didn't, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Without those hits, Id probably have done alot of shit Id regret by now. The aim is not to hurt someone, the aim is to scare them. Thats the best fucking control you can ever have on a person. Scare the hell out of them.
    Trust me its worked countless times. Murder, blackmail, threats. These are all the best control strategies out there. They are NOT ethical at all, but they work. At the expense of another persons misery.

    Now I really could go on ranting about this all day, but I feel ive put my point across already.
    So whats everyone elses opinion on this subject? Is violence acceptable in moderation and control, or do you agree with these patheticly retarded laws, forbidding people from what is essentially a human right, and something that has formed the world into what it is today?
  2. Fear isn't always the best motivator. Look at how many people continue to flood the prisons, for example.

    I don't care that people slap or spank their kids, although I think it's a bit silly. I'm sure there's examples on both sides of that - people who got straightened out without the use of physical punishment, and people who don't even with it. I get annoyed by middle aged/old people (like my parents) who say "Well, that's just what's wrong with dem kids today, they don't spank 'em or beat 'em with belts like they used to", as if kids and teenagers from their generation were so much better. Reminds me of old people saying how the world was so much better in their days, despite racism and sexism and homophobia and such being common place if you go back far enough.
  3. I don't agree about hitting your kids, raising your kids with respect is much better than discipline through fear IMO, doing something because it's right is much better than doing something because I may be hit IMHO.
  4. Fear is single handedly the most powerful thing humans were given. You can see this in all aspects of day to day life. Let me set a scenario for you...

    You're walking home, alone, at night. All of a sudden a scrawny 17 year old jumps out on you and says "Give me your money or else" - Now, this little prick has just got himself knocked the fuck out by me. Why? Because I have no reason to be scared, right?

    Now, EXACTLY the same thing happens, but this time he pulls a gun out. I dont know if its loaded, its real, or if he's got the balls to pull the trigger, and quite frankly I dont care, this dude has a gun in my face, im doing whatever the hell he wants. Why? Fear, thats why.

    I know that example doesn't exactly mirror my original message, but surely that puts the power of fear into perspective.

    As for "middle aged people giving it the herp derp" - I'd probably call myself one of those. When I was growing up children werent out on the streets causing trouble at all times of the day, you were home when you were told to be home, and did what you were told to do. Because yeah, you'd get a slap if you didn't. Fear >= Respect.
  5. I understand that view point but surely if you hit your kids they're raised to believe violence is a key solution, this could lead to issues in later life ( domestic abuse cases often have the abuser as an abused child themselves) plus you hear quiet often about people committing serious acts (murder, kidnappings and the like) and how they came from a broken home or had an abusing childhood. Plus you can risk emotional development with excessive violence as a solution to issues, I have to disagree fear = respect also. In your scenario it is valid to an extent (you don't respect the gunman IMO, you simply do as he says) but in every day interactions it isn't, if you only respect those who couldn't harm you then what stops you influencing those who can't? Can you steal from an 90 year old man because he can't kick your ass? It's an immoral act that anyone who is raised with respect as the primary motive will understand whilst those who were raised with fear have nothing to lose, I mean who's afraid of this little old man, what can he do?

    Finally " I see all these new 'laws' being passed out in the Uk and other white countries" this OP contradicts your issue doesn't it? The fear factor is there already you have to deal with consequence which is either our cushy prison system in the UK or fines, tags whatever it may be and it isn't working, people are still committing these acts regularly which shows fear to not be a great motivator for moral acts does it not?
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