Frozen becomes top-grossing animated movie

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 31, 2014.

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    It seems as if the movie Frozen that just came out in the later part of 2013 has surpassed Toy Story 3 as the #1 highest grossing animated movie of all time. Japan was it's final market which helped it pass the third installment of the Toy Story movies four months after it first aired in the United States.
    Personally I thought Frozen was really good and was not surprised at all to read this news, if you haven't seen it yet and still find entertainment in animated movies I definitely recommend it.

    The current numbers have it set at having earned 1.072 billion dollars, which also seems to have placed it as #10 on the biggest global blockbuster movie list as well. Both are quite prestigious accolades for the movie industry and I give a congratulations to the team that did the job.

  2. Best Disney film (without Pixar) in a very long time! I am not ashamed to say I have seen the film 7 times lol
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  3. the power of self publishing
  4. Oh great a shitty movie gets this kind of achievement. Fuck that.
  5. although maybe you should be...
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  6. I've seen it twice, once in theatres for free and the once with my little nephew, I liked the movie a lot!
    I'm glad it beat out Toy Story 3 in all honesty though, simply because I was NOT a fan of how that movie ended. Toy Story 1 & 2 were instant classics in the world of animation but 3 just seemed.. idk not?

    Off Topic: Has anyone seen the 'Inside: Pixar' brief 20 minute special that they have on Netflix?
    It's pretty interesting, I'm looking for a longer documentary on Pixar though so I can get a bit more info behind the production of each of their movies.
  7. but I never will be....
  8. Tangled was better, that's right.
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  9. Have to check it out I guess. My kids will love it I bet. I probably will enjoy it too.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I fucking love this... laughing my ass off..

  13. Damn, maybe I should get round to watching it then.
  14. I was playing Pokemon while my friends watched this movie lol.
  15. Might get around to watching it.
  16. Buncha faggots in this thread
  17. I thought it was great. 10/10 would watch again.
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