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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. “I gave my voice to Cristiano Ronaldo, but FIFA placed it on Lionel Messi. It is sad that these things happen…”

    — Thiago Silva
    If these declarations are true I need FIFA to explain some things.

    Of course Thiago Silva and two or three other voters aren’t enough to bring down Messi’s 40% of the votes, but it makes me doubt how many more were manipulated

    I don’t want a prize like that. Well actually it doesn’t surprise me, I was expecting Messi to win, but I also expected way more votes for Ronaldo and not Messi’s ridiculous 40% dominance.
    Oh btw , I sent them a "friendly" message and they blocked me , so now , I'm blocked by the FIFA , Barcelona and piqué hahaha I'm way better than u ! @Testify
  2. Whilst Messi is the GOAT, Ronaldo deserved the award this year. What shocked me is how many of the pro's didn't put Ronaldo in top 3, which was mind-baffling. Ronaldo was by far the stand out performer of the year.
  3. Yea it's disgusting, CR7 deserved it this year, but I didn't think for one second that they will give it to him, as I knew they will suck up to Barca once again and give it to Messi. :sad:
  4. FIFA is in love with Messi. Ronaldo gets screwed, AGAIN! So sick of this favouritism.
  5. Messi wins more trophies, Ronaldo scores more goals > Messi wins.
    Messi scores more goals, Ronaldo wins more trophies > Messi wins.
  6. I can understand people saying Ronaldo deserved more votes, but ronaldo deserved to win? A BIG LOL to that.

    Messi always was and always will be a much more complete player than Ronaldo. Messi can build the play up from midfield which ronaldo cannot. Messi can play find a needle in a haystick with his throughs which ronaldo cannot, Messi can also link up the play nicely with short one touch passing, which ronaldo can/cannot do but more importantly chooses not to do. Ronaldo is a hugely selfish player, and messi is leagues ahead of him. Goals and trophies doesnt mean anything, if that was the case midfielders or defenders would never win.
  7. Ronaldo is OG of soccer.
  8. I do agree Ronaldo should have gotten more votes but imo Messi still deserved the awards, he broke the world record for goals in a year, the record for hat tricks in a year, Barca's record for goals in a year, Argentina's record for goals in a year (or something similar, can't remember the exact on for the international) my point is, Messi has had the best year of his life as a player, yes as a team Real have done more but that shouldn't matter, you could put Steven Fletcher in a world class team who win everything, that doesn't mean he is a world class player, Messi was the best player this year imo.
  9. Lmao I love how everyone ignores JeebaK, finally people are learning that he knows nothing about football.
  10. To be fair Messi has won in the past because of Barca's success when Ronaldo had a better statistical year. Ronaldo carried Portugal to the semis and was the top scorer in the Euro's, took Real Madrid to RECORD POINTS La Liga success and semi-final of the CL, and won the super cup, if that was Messi he would have won for that reason.

    That's what annoys people, the inconsistency. It's like "Well Messi wins because it's Messi... the greatest ever, we can't not give him the award", when in my opinion Ronaldo is the more complete player. Put Ronaldo in the Sunderland team and I guarantee he will score away vs Stoke City, I bet Messi wouldn't.
  11. Messi without iniesta or Xavi isn't the same, Ronaldo doesn't need anyone , he is just more complete imo
  12. Yeah I know, and I also think Ronaldo should have won it in the past when Messi did instead, but Messi wins because like you said, it's Messi, but like I said I don't think what the club did this year should matter, it should be the player, if the rest of the Barca team had played even close to the level Messi has had this year can you imagine what they might have done? Messi broke the world record for goals in a year and Barca still couldn't win the league, that says something about Barca not Messi imo, I think if Ronaldo had scored as many goals as Messi this year he'd have won it, I think if you break as many records as Messi had this year no matter who you are or who you play for you deserve to win it.
  13. Yes it helps that he has two of the best midfielders ever, but what evidence do we have that he isn't as good when we have never seen him without them, he is Argentina's 10th top goalscorer ever at just 25 years old.

    Messi for Argentina: 31 goals in 76 games

    Ronaldo for Portugal: 37 goals in 100 games

    If you look at the goals per game ratio, they're not that far apart, so imo we don't have any evidence that Messi isn't the same player without Xavi or Iniesta.
  14. Argentina >>>>>>>> Portugal though lmao.

    Portugal is literally a three man team or something, Argentina are world class. I watch La Liga weekly and Ronaldo is a much more versatile player, he's involved in every single thing for Madrid and scores a variety of goals. I think people also need to remember Ronaldo plays LW instead of CF like Messi, so naturally Messi has a lot more opportunity to score, and has the best two midfielders ever behind him feeding him goals galore.

    If I was Fifa, I would have awarded it to Ronaldo this year personally. He has scored in what, 7 classicos in a row or something? He was the Champions League top scorer, he carried Portugal to the semi's and was the Euro's top scorer, he scored against every single La Liga team last season. You say what evidence is there that Messi can't play in England, well, was he that effective against Celtic @"R Albin" who played the British defending hard tackling style? Was he effective against Chelsea in the CL where they parked the bus? Nope, he's never scored against Chelsea and I think Arsenal is the only English team he's ever scored against (apart from the CL final against United), not sure on that though. Either way he's way less effective against defensive teams, where as Ronaldo tore the premier league apart every single year and done the exact same thing in La Liga.
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  15. Facepalm @anyone who thinks ronaldo is a more complete player than messi. Just a huge big facepalm.
  16. So Ronaldo scores more, Messi wins more trophies: Messi wins
    Ronaldo wins more trophies and has a successful major tourney, Messi scores more goals: Messi wins

    What are the criteria?
  17. #Fifalogic=#wwelogic :pity:
    The point of all this is that the gave some votes to messi that were for cristiano
  18. Great post, and I agree with you I'm not sure if he could cut it in the BPL but Messi's assist record for Barca so far this season is 6 and he has scored 27 goals, Ronaldo's assist record is 3 and he has scored 16, so surely if Ronaldo doesn't have the chances to score like Messi does, he should create more? The fact that Messi scores a lot more than Ronaldo whilst getting more assists in the process surely makes him the overall better player?
  19. Yes. Just, yes. Beautiful.
  20. To be honest this is the only season you can't compare them. Real Madrid have been a shadow of their former selves because of all the backstage stuff going on with the club. Mourinho doesn't want to be there, some of the players don't want him there, there's a complete rift. With questions like that, you NEED to take into account what team they're playing for. Ronaldo has Benzema and Higuain (but doesn't play due to no room) to set up. Di Maria just doesn't score and neither does Ozil, the other two midfielders are defensive. So assists I don't really tend to count, but you're right, Messi is overall more involved in a match than Ronaldo but I dunno if that makes him a better player, because of the team he has around him.

    It's quite hard to compare them when Messi has only played for one club in one league, a club that has always had endless resources and world class players around him. Ronaldo was a success in Portugal, England and Spain. The question we all want answered is can Messi succeed in the BPL? It's a question we will never know the answer to, but in my opinion the more complete player is Ronaldo. There is more evidence to suggest that (heading master, free-kick master, comfortable with both feet - talents not even Messi can say he has [apart from his relatively recent free-kick form]) and he has succeeded in three different leagues, and internationally in a much weaker international side.

    I think we both have duobts whether Messi could succeed in the BPL, so to counter to your original question - If Messi couldn't succeed in the BPL or any other physical leagues, would that make Ronaldo the best player in the world?

    What I can say is I love debating things like this with you guys :emoji_slight_smile: (JeebaK not included).
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