Fuck Goodell- 3 London Games for 2014

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  1. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on...announces-matchups-for-3-london-games-in-2014

    including the Raiders losing a home game to have a 'home game' in London. Fuck you Goodell you fucking moron. How can they justify taking away 1/8 of a teams home games for the year? That is 12% of the games for home fans who only get 8 games a year to tailgate and hang with their football buds. That is 12% of the revenue on the year for the people running the Raiders, the people who tear tickets, the people who sell beer, ect.

    This is a bunch of bullshit, how does the NFL get away with stealing these games from teams and taking them to a market where NOBODY GIVES A FUCK??

    People thought Stern was bad, but Goodell is the worst
  2. London fans care! Glad they are sending Jacksonville every year since nobody cares about them anyway. Are they providing 12% off season tickets for 12% off the amount of games you see? (well they're counting preseason but still) Doubt it. Fuck Goodell. Guess it makes sense, haven't you guys had trouble selling out the Black Hole lately?

    Maybe they'll use this fan anger like this post towards their already completely asinine case for that 18 game season nobody wants.
  3. 8 home games in a season? Wtf is that shit in general? Our football has 19 plus. Is the league that small? Also fuck these games in general, no one gives a fuck bar the time the games are happening and that's just because it's all omg they're here touchdown forward pass helmets and shit. It could be any big sport and it'd be the sale it grows the sport for a say then is forgotten until next year.
  4. It really is dumb. Just wants the cash. He apparently wants another team to, either in London or LA or something. I wouldn't really mind LA but I'm perfectly happy with 32 teams and I don't want one in London lol. The schedule for that team would just be awful.
  5. you can't play 38-40 football games in a season; it's too physical

  6. Even so there should be some middle ground.
  7. 16 games is perfect.

    Goodell has been trying to move it to 18 games and the fans hate it.

    you physically can't play that many football games. the entire team would be on IR
  8. The fans enjoy the 16 games + playoffs. You get to get pumped up for your game all week because you know there's only so long you can do it, and after the SB happens it leaves you wanting more. Keep hearing the Wembley games sell pretty well (because it's a special event) but putting an NFL team in London is completely stupid for a bunch of reasons. But hey, at least you got a pretty nice Steelers/Vikings game. But if you paid a dollar for Jaguars tickets you paid $2 too many. They're going 0-16 this year, and apparently you guys get them over there every year! :yay: Hey Dolph's, did you see when they threw out the idea of having the teams play 18 games, but only allow each player to play 16? :lol1:

    3 games in London = 3 hour Raw, nobody really wants it and it isn't good for the sport but it makes too much money not to do
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    Sucks to be a team that has to lose a home game. I know the giants had to play there during their first superbowl run, and they said it was a bonding experience. Doesn't really bug me that 3 teams play a home game in London. Wouldn't have gone to it anyways, and can still watch it on sunday ticket.

    With that said, I don't exactly know why they are expanding it. I asked the people of this forum (probably a bad polling for NFL) and they didn't seem to care much about the NFL being played across the pond.
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