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  1. Is anyone gonna pick up the shoot with Steen, it looks like it'll be an interesting watch judging by this trailer in all honesty.
  2. :gusta:

  3. :dafuq: Not a fan of Generico or Cabana? I bet Cornette is REAL fun at parties.
  4. Cornette is just another guy who used to have a mind for the business but never adapted with the times.
  5. Steen's a beast. Love the "evil" shit too. I *pentagram* Steen :yay: :gusta:

    Steen was the best all around guy they had at the time of the Sinclair change. Generico the best face, and Cabana was always entertaining. Stupid Cornette.
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  7. Obviously they don't look like champions so can't be, I mean who cares about talent as long as you can hit a double bicep pose?
  8. :cornette: = :vince: ?
  9. Same school of thought it seems, I literally don't see what else Steen, Generico, Aries and Colt don't have. Colt is the worse of the three and even he has a place in the midcard of any company. It goes to show how flawed Jim's thinking is when the first guy he released for not being the right fit is one who's mainevented multiple PPVs in an international company, wrestled Sting in the main event of a live TV taping in front of thousands of people and was their longest reigning midcard champion, going on to become the man who dethroned their longest reigning world champion before becoming their tag champion. Not to mention his history in ROH as one of the main names when everyone else jumped ship.

    Aries to me did look off the pace ever since he returned from his failed Austin Starr run IMHO but releasing him for some bullshit reason then backing Davey Richards shows how far Jim has fallen.
  10. Who is smaller than all of those other guys. Aries has more charisma in his beard than Davey ever will. Davey may be better technically in the ring, but he's not top star quality like A Double is. Steen is a fantastic sick heel that can back it up with his promos and his ring work. It's boggles the mind how one man could take, at the time, the second best wrestling company in North America, and bring it down to such a low level.
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  11. "and I don't give a fuck if it hits him"

    So dope.
  12. Remember when Steen said the only time he would have numbers infront of his chest (in reference to Cornette claiming he would go to jail) was when he tattooed Cornette's death date on his chest? Good times :gusta:
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  13. This sounds winning. I'm downloading it the minute it comes out.
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