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  1. My brother and I were never really close. But ever since he got a serious girlfriend he doesn't even do anything for me. He drives me to school. That is about it. We don't talk or do anything together. And just tonight, I took his iPod to listen to it and he raged the fuck out on me and said I was a burnout and shit. So I told him to get out of the house, I don't even want to look at you. So he looked at me and said really? And I said yeah, I am not even kidding. Get the fuck out. And while we are on the subject, I am not even really close with my mom or my step dad. My step sisters are sorta in my life but not majorly.
    So my question is are you guys close with family? I know without family, you have nothing. But I really haven't had a family so I am used to having nothing. =/

    Like stfu kid? right? sorry to rant on you guys about my problem.

  2. Whoops, wrong video.

    But I am close to my family except my younger sister who pisses me off.
  3. I think in your situation it might be better if you were to distance yourself from them, then you might appreciate them further or vice-versa. My Sister (suffers with Psychosis) was hell to live with, we'd have physical fights, verbal abuse, thefts, she was an animal. She then moved to a flat about 5 mintues down from us, completely fine after. Some people just need space to appreciate their family. Hope your situation gets better though, how old are you and your Brother?
  4. Is she called Chalene and texts you regarding Kevin Nash by any chance?

    I'm pretty close with my immediate family extended not so much. It's probably best to get some separation it helps a great deal .
  5. Seabs, We Comin for you Nigga! and No.
  6. Only my Mom and Grandfather.

    I despite my uncle for the douchebag he is, his wife is pretty nice though.
  7. I would just leave him. I am not close with my real dad or step dad. And I wish I was not with my sister :emoji_grin: My mum is the only one I like and talk too.
  8. I am 16 and my brother is 17.
  9. Where you from mate? 4:12am here so I'm heading off.