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  1. :dawg:


    My 2nd favoritest tag team in the woooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrllllllllllllldddddddddd behind Daniels and Kaz, they're like the Hardy's if they got put through wrestling school. The only flaw they have is utilizing too many false finishes in their match IMO, they'll pull some no one should kick outta that stuff regularly which can slightly weaken the psychology of their matches (maybe more of a PWG issue actually, you know they love those false finishes :haha: )

    So yeah anyway pay homage to the Bucks here, post your favourite matches / moments from them.

    Also should TNA resign them to feud with Daniels and Kaz? The Bucks are great arrogant heels but could easily become the team in TNA.
  2. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Bucks are indeed an awesome team. Their matches with the Super Smash Brothers (another awesome team) are legendary on the indy scene. Their upcoming year with DGUSA/Evolve should be great considering the roll these two are on.

    Agree on them using too powerful moves too often. I never believe someone is getting pinned after a buck superkick anymore. They throw them out like they were lariats.
  3. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    They're similar to the MCMGs with those god damn kicks :annoyed:
  4. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    They're spot monkeys that don't botch. Have seen them live and they're flawless. They're definitely Hardy Boyz inspired, but are great to watch.
  5. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    I'm not sure I'd call them spot monkeys tbh, a lot of their matches can sell a great story such as their matches with the Guns in TNA, it's not meaningless like most spotty guys are who just go right gotta jump now IMO.

    In PWG they're spotty but I think most guys in PWG are working that way due to their lack of stories lol.
  6. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Aren't they trained by Jannetty as well? Explains all the superkicks.
  7. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Holy shit they are, well it's official they need to kick HBK.
  8. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    I guess I used improper terminology. I mean they use a lot of high spots, like a Sin Cara, but without the botching.
  9. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    :isee: :dawg: :yes:
  10. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    GREAT tag team, they hold a tie for #2 in my scrapbook of my fav tag teams on the planet today. Exciting, flawless, entertaining, awesome heels, energetic.... Would love to see them back in TNA to feud with Influence and Aries&Roode.
  11. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Tanya Harding team Cholo, and replace them with the Bucks for Lockdown! :testify:
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  12. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Why on earth did TNA release these guys in the first place? If anyone knows how much 2 random high flyers draw, it's the home of MCMG. Seems like everyone knows how much acrobats draw other than the people actually running mainstream professional wrestling.

    Ultimate X Destination X 2010
  13. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Because at the time, TNA just didn't know what to do with them. No one knew if they were splitting up, or were they heels or babyfaces, their storyline with Tara just got dropped for no reason. Just a horrible time they had prior to their departure, they said it themselves. They did, however, enjoy their TNA time in 2010.
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  14. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    I hope they come back as faces against Kaz and Daniels, imagine if they replaced Chavo and Hernandez :gusta:
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  15. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Imagine if Chavo and Shawn got fired.:damnn:

    Or at least, if they turn heel. That'd do something actually good for those shameless pricks.
  16. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    I still don't think they will come back other than for a one night only special. Gabe tends to not let guys go to TNA unless they are offered guaranteed pay. He likes to take care of his boys.
  17. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    They'll be back in time IMO, they'll make a big splash in the tag team division in 2015/16. Quote me on it #ITK
  18. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Oh, yeah... that. The breakup angle and Max Buck's singles push was really odd and felt forced, then they were part of that whole "Save the X-Division" coalition which was cool if they didn't reunite and turn face for no reason, then they job to Eric Young and Shark Boy...

    It takes a real creative mastermind to find a way to fuck up the Young Bucks. They do highspots, get over, and stay over. What moron was booking this at the time... oh, yeah.
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  19. f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Yeah they'll be back sometime. I just don't think in 2013. With TNA tightening control over what their wrestlers can do on the indy scene they will have to wait until they get guaranteed monthly pay to jump back, since they make their living on the indy scene.
  20. RE: f*ck THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    My opinion: they will be back for ONO PPV specials. We'll see who was right.:obama:
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