Fuck timing.

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  1. Something just happened to inspire me into creating this thread. I was upstairs listening to music, when I hear my front door knock. I look out the window and see it's a girl I know who lives down the street. I go to answer the door, with some loud gangster rap blaring out my speakers, and I feel pretty badass to say the least (house to myself, so it's pretty loud). I open it, and the rap song I have on is about to end. Yep, Robbie Williams was next. "Robbie Williams - Feel" to be precise. It's a pretty fucking gay song to be honest. So yeah, timing completely screwed me up, and I had absolutely no way of fixing it.

    Hey, I may be the big badass you know and love, but I have a sensitive side and Robbie Williams more than satisfies that side of me. So yeah, what sort of timing related events have fucked you in the ass before?
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  3. Well, can't say I've ever been 'fucked in the ass' (figuratively or literally) but the closest things to bad timing for me would be deciding to scratch my balls when no one is around, only for someone to open the door and come outside (or inside) when my hand is still stuck in my pants. I've also been caught singing along to lyrics (quite terribly) while listening to my CD/MP3 player.
  4. Think every single guy in the world has had a bad scratching of the balls moment. Hell, Lady's private area is so hairy that she can probably empathise as well.
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    it's fine though cause everyone knows asians have their genitalia blurred at birth
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  6. hahaha died
  7. Coon, I'm getting tired of my pussy hairs getting stuck in your teeth.
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  8. britanica doesn't let me use her toothbrush so i need to floss somehow
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  9. That's what Xanth's nipple hairs are for. :pity1:
  10. Lol Crayo uses tampons.
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  11. inb4 he uses them as dildos
  12. inb4 he uses yours as dildos
  13. inb4 he uses you as a dildo
  14. lol no, i look like a dirty q-tip
  15. dirty q-tips are usually yellow, so i look more like a dirty q-tip than you do :pity1:

    me > you
  16. depends where you're putting the q-tip :ksi:
  17. i put it on my tip, duh :mad1:
  18. So hard right now.....:shock:
  19. inb4 this thread becomes completely irreverent to Crayo's first post.

    ...Well on it's way. :obama:
  20. A song doesnt fuck me in the ass, but Lady does.
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