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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Show some respect
  2. You're welcome. I love how now he's a GOAT because he's at a bigger club.
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  3. Implying that I never rated him before he was a target
  4. No one called him a GOAT. Don't get ahead of yourself. I watched the game, Mignolet was terrible in the first half.

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    To be fair Liverpool looked very impressive and I can maybe see them above Arsenal this year, Sturridge was brilliant.
  6. Arsenal need to reinvest, or they're not ending up in the top four. That's for sure.

    Liverpool looked good but they don't have quality finishers imo, other than Sturridge. Sturridge is awesome and I could see him and Welbeck being a new Yorke and Cole partnership for England.
  7. Who the hell cares about these losers? Chelsea's playing Hull today, the real GOATs are in action. Lampard to get a hat-trick! :jericho:

    But seriously, Arsenal... I watched the match and I couldn't stop laughing at them. Spurs > Arsenal, anyone who thinks otherwise right now is deluded.
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  8. Walters taking that penalty was a freebee; considering his recent record. Nevetheless, gotta respect Mignolet for the save, despite a shaky performance beforehand.
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  9. He's gone the same way every single penalty. Walters is a retard.
  10. Jonathan Edwards > Jonathan Walters.

    Really don't get why everyone was boning over Mignolet after that and not Begovic, Begovic was the best player on the pitch by an absolute mile.
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  11. Kind of off-topic but hey, this match was on BT Sport 1

    Am I the only one who thinks the match score and time should be at the time (like Sky Sports) and not bottom (BT)?
  12. This completely, Mignolet was unbelievably shaky all match whilst Begovic kept Stoke in the game time and time again, Begovic is a ridiculously overlooked keeper.
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