Fuck You Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Tonight on RAW, when Ziggler was about to cash in his briefcase, I was legitimately screaming, running around, had a huge boner and I had my hopes all high that it was going to be a good episode, but then John Cena came out and I was like...



    Seriously, Cena ruins everything.:bury:
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  2. AJ Lee and John Cena are cancer.
  3. They give AJ too much RAW time which is killing her.
    She's a good wrestler though.
  4. You damn right Cena screwed everything up last night.
  5. You could tell they were waiting for a run in though. He asked for the bell to be rung and they were taking FOREVER to ring it. At that point I knew someone would be running down, at first I thought it'd be AJ. I thought she would screw him cause she screwed Cena the night before. Somehow, it was worse :downer:
  6. Stinks and it's the second time in DZ's MITB reign that the bell hasn't rung allowing him to retain his briefcase.
  7. Was playing Fifa with Xanth with the stream muted but on full screen, I occasionally looked over and saw Dolph running down the ramp with his briefcase. Moved to the PC (came off FIFA!!) and then Cena came out. Shouted "fuck you" multiple times.
  8. It's made DZ look a tit though as how can one guy get so lucky regards the bell not being rung twice???? Or am i the only one this bothers?
  9. Nope, drove me crazy too. Unless they're trying to set up Cena/DZ for the WHC at WM. Man that's a lot of acronyms. :vince:
  10. :lol1::lol1:

    Glad I wasn't the only one it just reeked of laziness to me. They wanted some excitement revolving round the MITB so they had a cash in but it was same scenario as last time with it failing before the bell due to interference. They could have at least had Cena attack him with the ring bell having a scuffle with the time keeper so thats why it never got rung.
  11. Yeah, that sucked. Well, at TLC I marked for AJ taking Cena down, and yesterday I got pissed off when Cena trolled us and stuff. Well, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away I guess. :dawg:
  12. Why bother though, enough of this faking out shit, its not exciting. Have him cash it in, win or lose. WM is almost here for Christ's sake.
  13. Both of these are spot on for me!
  14. lose is simply not an option. After all the matches he's been through with Jericho, Orton, Cena.. losing his MITB breifcase can't happen.
  15. It would've been perfect if he did at that time. It was totally unexpected and exactly when Vickie/Ziggler separated also. But fucking Cena had to ruin it. :upset:

    I guess the next time, it'll be successfully cuz third time is always a charm.
  16. Fuck all you whiny chihuahuas. I thought it was perfect. I see Big Show in the ring snoozing, this was EASILY DZ's best chance to cash and WWE got me. I say up a little straighter and I thought to myself "Goddamn this is it!"

    Do you know the last time I sat up in anticipation while watching WWE? Me fucking neither. It might have been MITB way back at the beginning of the summer when DZ won.

    SO having said that, I thought it was awesome. Raw actually got me. Then I see Cena going HAM on Ziggler and I'm like.. OK, cool. Because I am constantly begging WWE to give Cena an edge; to have his character do SOMETHING.. and he did. He looked pissed, and wrecked shop. So why should I be mad at that? Because he whooped my boy? Who cares. This feud is awesome, and Ziggler has looked strong throughout. I'm supposed to take my ball and go home because Cena finally got the better of him? Fuck that, you knew it would happen eventually

    tl/dr stop whining you punks. DZ will be strapped up eventually, we all know this. Be patient shitheads
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  17. Why not cash in @ Mania?
  18. This. Man makes a lot of valid points. It prolongs the feud which will only benefit Dolph in the long run. Having a long, intense rivalry with Cena made Edge a main eventer. What's to say it won't do the same for Dolph? He's being exposed to the masses as Cena's new nemesis. And with the addition of Big E as possibly dolph's bodyguard then that only helps the feud since it means that Cena has to go through E to get to Dolph somewhere down the line.
  19. Yeah they are valid points I think it's just everyones general dislike of Cena making them have a rant tbf.
  20. They are good points I'm just tired of the cash in tease. If this were the first one I'd be with you 100%, but I just want him to move on from Mr.MITB to something else.
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