Fuck you, Pelicans are awesome.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. It's still a shit name, no matter how many vids of asshole pelicans are put up.
  2. Says the fucking RAPTORS fan lmao. Pelicans > Raptors, Magic, Wizards, ect. IMO it only sounds bad because of "New Orleans Pelicans" should be Louisiana Pelicans and it would be a lot doper
  3. I fucking hated the name when it was chosen too. Seagulls are more threatening than pelicans ffs.
  4. Fuck you Senhor you're a pusscracker. And that was a dumb enough statement but now that I know you are a Raptors fan that's hilarious.

  5. No they aren't? Did you even read the article goddammit
  6. If senhor isn't down, count me out. That idiot is my hero.
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  7. You know how Giants fans love to throw out "you can't spell ELIte without Eli?"
    well you can't spell pELIcan without Eli either. So it's an elite name.

    Seriously, as long as the Oregon Ducks are a thing whatever crappy team name they find always gets the backdoor compliment of being better than the Oregon Ducks
  8. I'm a big time homer, and I shouldn't be considering how shitty our teams are :sad:

    At least I get to choose my NFL team, and that hasn't turned out much better recently either
  9. Giants fans also would say.... WHAT'S A PELICAN??? A SMALL THING TO A GIANT!
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  10. I actually don't mind the name and hey who cares aslong as they are picking up some wins and getting towards the playoffs.

    Davis,Gordon,Evans,Anderson they have a a decent starting line up if they can stay fit and healthy.

    I'm hoping they have a good season
  11. fags.
    dont you defend yourself against zach, dude is a fairweather fan.

  12. Yeah, because the Pelicans are the best team in the league.
  13. i dont give a fuck about pelicans, im just saying in general. You = Fairweather fan. Yankees.
  14. you kidding me? i've liked the yankees since birth you fucker. my whole family is fans of the mets and yankees. i'm from new jersey ffs.
  15. you and your whole family should be ashamed.
  16. you should be ashamed for coming to the conclusion that because i'm a yankees fan i'm a bandwagon jumper.
  17. nah im okay with it. No one who really enjoys baseball cares about the opinion of a Yankees fan.
  18. I'm a Yankees fan due to living in NY. Something wrong with that?
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