Spoiler Fuck you WWE screwing over......

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  1. Fuck you WWE screwing over Daniel Bryan again last night this isnt how you treat the top star in the company he is a huge money maker yet you continue to push a druggy Randy Orton yeah ok that makes sense NOT
  2. Makes sense to me.

  3. Yo,fuck you WWE!:steiner:
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  4. Thread already made, No discussion. Close this and ban BLFFL for same reason as Deathclaw: Flame baiting and pointless threads.
  5. Whilst I know this is a troll I'll respond to all the other pedantic people who think this is a "burial":

    They are not burying him. He hasn't lost any credibility. In fact, his credibility has only raised because of these storylines. They are saving the climax of the story for a big PPV (presumably Wrestlemania) and are trying to keep the feud going as long as possible before that. Can the feud still feel fresh come the climax time? Who knows. Is a long feud worth the risk? Absolutely.

    I'm personally sick of having feuds end in a month or two tops with barely any climax, so this is a welcome change for me. I think people really need to stop bitching for the time being and wait 'til the thing is over and see the outcome of it all.
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  6. The OP's flame baiting and you're falling for it. Regardless if it's a troll or not, you can still post in the threads without coming off as a complete idiot. The OP may be a troll, but the people making the LQ discussions are the members that respond to it in rage.
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  7. When is the last time DB lost clean, don't worry.... I'll wait.

    Meanwhile he's beat Orton, and CENA clean. Pretty sure he's a force to be reckoned with
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  8. Don't look at me. I'm still trying to remember.

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  9. I think we are going all the way back to Team Hell No days, and those losses were commonly miscommunication or feuding between the two. If you don't count that, I have no clue.
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  10. Think he may have lost once or twice during his "not the weak link" storyline. Totally buried, right guys? How can he recover from that!
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  11. I dunno, that was in like May. Gonna be tough to overcome that.

    EDIT: You're right though, that's the last time I recall him losing clean.
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  12. I much prefer Daniel as the chaser. Not ready for a full reign yet imo.
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  13. I prefer Bryan chasing the title too, but in an alternate universe kind of way, I wonder what it would have been like if Bryan just got a long reign with the title starting at Summerslam. Just imagine he kept the championship even after that humongous reaction at the PPV after he won it. He and Orton could have easily still had a great face/face feud over the championship, especially given their recent history and problems with each other on Raw.
  14. Imagine if RKO had turned heel, cashed in (sometime after SummerSlam), and lost. How long would it be palatable for the Authority to be trying to force him into a losing situation and how long until HHH booted Orton out of his position and replaced him with somebody else? Would it have been an interesting feud in that situation?

    I don't have answers to those questions, so this doesn't fit my usual Socratic questioning method. I'm asking just to ask.

  15. Ban Adam for acting like he runs the damn forum:pity2:
  16. To be honest, not really IMO. It's why I felt Orton pretty much had to win the vacant championship by the end of this Bryan feud because otherwise, his heel turn would have been almost pointless. Why turn heel in a big way only to lose right off the bat? If Orton had failed a cash in at all, then I would have preferred he stayed face while doing it (which means no Authority storyline.)
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  17. He will get that long title reign though. He was a simple tag team champion only a month or two before SummerSlam. They strapped a ROCKET on his ass and he tapped Randy Orton out clean only a few weeks before pinning John Cena clean. He's their number one guy, but the fans will need to wait for that big pay-off.
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  18. Looking at ProFightDB.

    I'm not sure if it counts, but that weird Raw where the referee stopped the match because of a Bryan injury.
    If not, then Payback, when Orton left Bryan to get beaten up by the Shield... wait, that doesn't either.
    Last singles match Bryan lost clean was back on the May 3rd Smackdown vs Ryback.
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  19. The same can be said for ADR's lengthy title run after re-gaining it back from DZ.

    Lol that was probably the last time Ryback beat a real WWE star clean, as well.
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  20. I would count Orton whooping his ass and HHH stopping the match. Ryback lol. Funny how quickly things change in wrestling.
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