News Fukushima radiation makes landfall on California beaches

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. (NaturalNews) Radiation from Fukushima has reached the shores of California. This has been confirmed by county officials in Half Moon Bay, California, who conducted radiation tests and found a 500% increase in radiation on the beaches there.

    Alarm has been raised over the past few days thanks to amateur videos like this one showing alarmingly high Geiger counter readings on the beaches. "The videos follow other alarming news last month that starfish were mysteriously disintegrating along the West Coast, a trend that has not been linked yet to any cause," writes the Half Moon Bay Review.

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    R.I.P me :downer:
  2. hope you die deth
  3. Lets die together :please:
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  5. fuck you buddy
  6. But don't you guys never go outside anyways? :dawg:
  7. ok, bring the lube
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  9. I try to avoid it
  10. Lives in a beautiful state

    Stays inside

    Vintage WWEF
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  11. Maybe you guys will get superpowers. I say you start swimming in it and drinking as much of it as possible.
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  12. with my luck i'd just get liver cancer 500% sooner than the run im aiming for now.

    Cool thread, deth, ill read into this today for sure.
  13. Everybody wins!
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  14. no bluefin tuna for me then i guess
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