Full 2014 PPV Schedule

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    * Sunday, April 27th from Orlando, FL - Sacrifice (LIVE)

    * Friday, May 2nd from Birmingham, England - Joker's Wild (One Night Only)

    * Sunday, June 15th from Dallas, TX - Slammiversary XII (LIVE)

    * Friday, July 4th from Tokyo, Japan - Global Impact Japan (One Night Only)

    * Friday, August 1st from Orlando, FL - X-travaganza (One Night Only)

    * Friday, September 5th from Orlando, FL - World Cup (One Night Only)

    * Sunday, October 19th from TBA - Bound For Glory (LIVE)

    * Friday, November 7th from Orlando, FL - Knockouts Knockdown (One Night Only)

    * Friday, December 5th from Orlando, FL - Victory Road (One Night Only)


    - The TNA/Wrestle-1 event filmed in Tokyo last March is called "Global Impact Japan"
    - The two remaining One Night Only events that are yet to taped are the ones to air in November and December, respectively, Knockouts Knockdown and Victory Road. They will be taped on May 10th in Universal Studios, Orlando
    - This makes 2014 a year of 8 One Night Only PPV events and 4 live PPV events (Lockdown, Sacrifice, Slammiversary and BFG) for TNA.
    - Out of 12 PPVs overall, only 5 of them takes place in Orlando. The majority of the PPVs was taped or will happen on the road.
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