Full IMPACT Preview for July 15, 2015

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    If anyone knows who is going to be put in charge of Impact Wrestling this Wednesday night on Destination America at 9PM EST/8PM CST, they aren’t talking. Mum seems to be the word in regards to this situation. It is making for one of the most anticipated episodes of Impact Wrestling in quite some time. We do have a few facts for what will transpire Wednesday night.

    The NEW Law around here sent an anonymous letter to our offices and confirmed through Dixie Carter herself, we know that EC3 will defend The TNA World Championship, Tigre Uno will defend his X Division Title and Taryn Terrell will defend her Knockouts Championship.

    Let’s start with Tigre Uno, who on July 22nd will address his issues with The Donald, Tigre has been unstoppable since becoming X Division Champion and even though Tigre is stepping into the unknown against an opponent or opponents he may be unfamiliar with, the exciting luchador promises to be as spectacular as ever.

    Come Wednesday night Taryn Terrell will be Knockouts Champion for a record breaking 238 days, does that streak come to an end on Impact Wrestling? Taryn has always had an advantage with The Dollhouse by her side, but not knowing your opponent can never be good. Taryn will certainly have a plan come Wednesday night at 9PM EST/8PM CST on Destination America.

    That leaves EC3, the devious World Champion, who will step up and face The Champion? How will that be decided? We contacted EC3 over the weekend and he responded via text message with, “this is a travesty of justice, how is it fair that I am defending my title again?” While EC3 might not like the decision, it makes for a can’t miss Impact Wrestling!

    Plus, Kurt Angle has asked for time to discuss his medical situation and Kurt would like to address everyone at the same time, inside the ring on Wednesday Night Impact. What does the future hold for Kurt Angle? We find out Wednesday night.

    Who is in Charge? Who will successfully defend their titles? Who will face EC3 for The World Title? All these questions and more will be answered Wednesday night on Destination America at 9PM EST/8PM CST on Impact Wrestling.


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