Full Metal Mayhem - Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Nov 1, 2013.

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    The TNA Title Tournament will start this week at the TV tapings in Cincinnati, OH with Jeff Hardy taking on Chris Sabin in a dangerous Full Metal Mayhem match.

  2. Why....Why does Jeff scare me with that Face Paint?

    Anyway, Maybe we'll see a good champion or a future star.....Or maybe Ethan will win it and be one step further to total domination of TNA.
  3. TV title? It's a WHC tournament brother.
  4. Fuck.....I'm sorry I'm just tired today....My Brain Isn't switched on....I'm going to edit my Post....
  5. Hehe, no problem, just felt wierd reading that lol. Get better.
  6. I Don't need to get better.....I stayed up for 24 hours on Halloween....The Worst thing about it is that I didn't have any internet to watch TNA and other things Yesterday.....
  7. It'll be a good match, I'm thinking Sabin steals this one.
  8. I on the other hand, think Hardy vs. Magnus will be the tournament finals with Magnus winning, so don't see Sabin stealing it here (unfortunately).
  9. What are the brackets again? Who's the winner of this match facing? I can't remember.
  10. Thanks bro. Yeah, I do feel like Magnus is going to the finals, and I also see Roode going over Storm so yeah, Hardy will probably win and go vs Magnus in the finals. That sucks, could've been Aries or Joe.
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  11. Samoa Joe jobs in first round to Swagnus, fuck Joe.

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    I enjoy the tournament concept. But why the fuck make all first bracket matches gimmick matches? It seems like they are trying to make the tournament more convoluted than it needs to be.
  13. My opinion they're trying to get over the "Wheel of Dixie", more than anything, and of course every match more meaningful.
  14. Getting the wheel over I can understand, but you could get it over by having Dixie pushing it into other matches on the card instead of the world title tournament. Tournaments shouldn't be gimmick matches unless they themselves are a gimmick or part of a gimmicky division in my opinion. As for the meaningful part, gimmick matches/stip matches don't make a match more meaningful without proper backstory put into it. As in a feud to explain why these two would put themselves through the extra pain that would come with the gimmick ( at least in the case of full metal mayhem, which is also a ladder match as well so what will they pull down from above the ring?). And one of the stips on the wheel is a tuxedo match, I fail to see how Samoa Joe vs Magnus for example will become more important by seeing Magnus strip down Joe.

    I love the idea of the tournament, I don't love them inserting a silly wheel gimmick into it.
  15. I accept that.
  16. Any way you can transport us back to 2010? Back when Jeff Hardy was a suicidal maniac and Sabin didn't have to protect his knees? Bah god, this woulda been a dream match, but it's 2013. At least Jeff did some crazy stuff in his last Full Metal Mayhem on the Wrestlemania week Impact, so maybe he'll bring it next week.

    I'm calling Magnus vs Roooooooode, but guess I'm too naive to believe that Magnus is turning. :downer:
  17. Last Thursday, Dixie Carter promised something "special" for the World Heavyweight Title Tournament and revealed that to be the WHEEL OF DIXIE featuring various matches. Each week on Spike TV, the wheel will be spun and the wrestlers will do battle in these matches on their way to crowning a new TNA World Champion.

    Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin are first up this coming Thursday in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Other matches available on the Wheel of Dixie are: First Blood Match, Ladder Match, Falls Count Anywhere Match, Tables Match, Last Man Standing Match, Submission Match, Coal Miner’s Glove, Tuxedo Match, Steel Cage Match, BullRope Match and Dixieland.

    The question is – What is a Dixieland match? #Impact365 Cameras will be attempting to get a comment directly from Dixie Carter this week before #ImpactLIVE in Cincinnati.
  18. FULL METAL MAYAAAAHEMMMMMMMMMM! I just cringe when i hear Hardy talk, and that is his bs TNA match.

    I'm not interested.
  19. My man, Hardy, is looking fine and will win this match. (can't forget about that Brock Lesnar thread BLFFL created LOL)
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