Full Superstars match list, wins and losses removed to avoid spoilers

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  1. tagging @[Rainman]

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  2. Mcgillything and Santino :eww:

    Tensai vs Ryder :eww:

    The tag :gusta: :gusta:

    Slater going for the US title :gusta:

    3 :gusta: - 2 :eww:

    I'll watch this week.
  3. Tag team match :emoji_grin:
  4. Kidd and Gabriel vs Reks and Hawkins I'm loving.

    Already a Gabriel mark and wish cruiser weight was back to help push him. Regards Kidd well MITB need i say more.

    Hawkins well seems to be getting TV time and it's always good entertainment so this I'm excited for.
  5. fucking horrible. Jesus.
  6. The last Kidd/Gabriel vs Hawkins/Reks match was horrible. That tag-team script is ruining some of their best talents. Hawkins and Reks will try to make in entertaining, but it won't work. There's just nothing they can do.

    Not a fan of Ryder or Tensai, and Mcgillicutty's still green enough to where someone has to pull a good match out of him... it's safe to say Santino isn't that guy. I've got a feeling the Kofi/Slater match was a dark match, shame because that one could be really good.

    Please break up the Dungeon Wolves and put them in the mid-card already. Kthxbai.