Full WWE 13 roster revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Bleacher Report reported via IGN the full WWE 13 roster.

    LOL no Del Rio. One thought winning the Royal Rumble and Money in the bank plus the WWE title twice would qualify you for the video game.
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  2. That's gotta be a screw-up. The no Booker T, I guess, is somewhat understandable. He's as active in WWE wrestling as Lawler is and he's not listed either.

    The no Del Rio bit has to be wrong.

  3. Not sure if this is confirmed, but it seems a little bit wrong. If it is true, it's a normal roster though.
  4. Mike Tyson and Big Boss Man. Alberto Del Rio, who cares about him?
  5. WTF they going have Tyson in the game but not Booker T? Thats just wrong
  7. So.. We get Mahal.. But no Riley..

    :dafuq: :facepalm1: :cry:
  8. :booker: Hadn't noticed it. I hope it's fake.
  9. WWE '12 Riley was awesome.. One time had a Royal Rumble with my own caw, and I was waiting to come out as no. 29 :otunga:, and Riley eliminated over 10 guys..

    Absolute beast-mode..
  10. Better than Mahal in every aspect. Didn't play a lot as him in WWE '12, but he was OK. :dawg:
  11. Yeah.. I just hope Stopspot posted a fake list..
  12. It's suppose to be from IGN. But since it is such a early list it could easily be added to or removed from. Otherwise I expect THQ to put the rest of the roster up as DLC
  13. It's THQ, so it's very probable that they'll milk the game with DLCs for some more extra money.
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  14. $$$ Eyes.. PFshhh.. The game itself is already around $/€60 or $/€70..
  17. He will probably be in the DLC pack, like he was in WWE '12.
  18. Noticed it now too. Damn THQ :downer:
  19. Who the hell cares about regal. least they didnt leave out anyone important like kurt angle, chris benoit or umaga. o wait.
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