Funny Game reviews

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. Stumbled upon these reviews on YouTube. Pretty funny. Check em out.

  2. See CoD: Ghosts does suck
  3. One more lol. @Jonathan, you ever seen these?

  4. quote me or @ me again and i'll watch in the morning
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  5. JIMI!
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  6. Yeah totally thought of you when I saw that too
  7. He talks so much though. It's like he's drifting off into a secret language we can't comprehend :mog:
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  8. When I started to read this I thought you were going to bitch me out, then "I'll watch in the morning" lol
  9. Yeah, I like it lol. I think thats the "zero punctuation" reference in the title. I watched sooooo many of these today. Sometimes he says such random shit, but its funny as hell.
  10. I can see that :hmm:
  11. Yo @Jonathan, here's that tag you requested
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  12. Watched it, didn't really understand it.
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  13. K
  14. Zero Punctuation is alright. Haven't watched many and I doubt I'll ever watch a bunch but my favorite from what I've seen is easily the Fable 3 review . . .

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