Funny Little Story...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. This is ironic considering I've been watching Breaking Bad on TV lately (a show about cooking meth.) Earlier tonight (about an hour ago), six cops came to my house because someone in the apartments across the fence said they smelled what smelt like meth cooking in my yard. They all had big ass flashlights and after not finding a meth lab in my backyard, they concluded that it was probably someone in the apartments across the fence, and said they would probably be back tomorrow night to check it out again.

    Oh, and I had a weed plant growing back there. I pulled it out before the cops saw it.
  2. Not irony.

    And also (and I'm putting faith in the intelligence of the police here), surely if six cops came to your house in search of meth, with the idea that you may be a cook, they wouldn't just let you roam around freely enough to hide a pot plant.

    I'm not saying that the story may be untrue, I have no vested interest in it's authenticity. The part about the plant just caused me some speculation.
  3. And I forgot to mention that I actually dropped the plant when one of the cops was near.

    They were investigating the smell, not serving a search warrant or something (and it was outside, not inside.) I don't know that the neighbors even accused me or anything, just that they reported the smell from around the area, so the cops might not have had a reason (yet) to suspect me directly.
  4. congratulations?
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