Funny Thought Of The Day - Vince McMahon Running WCW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. What if WCW had remained good enough and WWF bad enough for a long enough period of time for WCW to put the latter out of business? And then they buy out the WWF and Vince comes to work for Bischoff in some role in WCW (Bischoff said in his book that when Vince called Bischoff to work with/for him in WWE, Vince said if the shoe was on the other foot, he would have been willing to work with WCW in some way.) But Bischoff still loses his mind and mentally collapses and loses any ounce of creativity he had beforehand and so when the brass is looking for someone else to take over, they look to none other... than Vince McMahon!

    Yeah, I know, he got put out of business, but he was still a guy who took wrestling to a higher peak than anyone, with things like Wrestlemania and stuff. Look at how big Hulk Hogan and Wrestlemania 3 were, for example. The WWF gave MTV their highest rating (The Brawl To End It All), the highest North American wrestling attendance ever (Wrestlemania 3), one of the most bought Sports Illustrated magazines (Hogan was on the cover after the first WM), a huge ass rating on NBC in Feburary 1988 (33 million people, highest rating ever for a wrestling program in North America to this day), etc. It's easy to see that they may turn to him to see what he could possibly offer to WCW if they saw the need to replace Bischoff.

    And so fast forward to this day, WCW is still alive, but it's being run by Vince McMahon. The irony. I wonder if McMahon would even try to buy the company for himself, still take it public, maybe resurrect the WWE brand name, and we would be to where we are to this day, albeit in a much different way.
  2. He'd have done it the same way as he did IMO, it's just a different couple of letters if Vince was in charge it'd have been the same principle in the same vein as if they never changed their name to WWE.
  3. Yeah, it'd be a big possibility. Ironic indeed, but interesting, and WCW always needed a leader like Vince. If they had one they could've won the Monday Night Wars, or at least lasted much longer.
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