Royal Rumble Funny thoughts on Rumble.

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  1. After the outcome of the rumble I started thinking.

    Jericho didn't win the Rumble so did we get JeriTrolled?

    Also since Sheamus won the Rumble, he'll supposedly be facing Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 28.

    At Wrestlemania 27 Bryan was in a Dark Match with Sheamus for the United States Championship and now they are in the Main Event(Not Rock Vs. Cena) of Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship.
  2. Lol that is pretty funny to be honest. No that wasn't part of the Jeritroll gimmick.
  3. Ricardo was pretty funny at the Royal Rumble.
  4. I love Ricardo!
  5. the comedy spots at the rumble were really well done without them it would've been dire!

  6. Sock & Snake connection!
  7. ive never marked so hard for two socks in my life!

  8. [Source: Lords of Pain]

    - Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter in response to fans wondering about his "end of the world" claims for the Royal Rumble:

    "Stop whining....."
  9. I liked that part until it got interrupted.
  10. :rofl: I love him. I swear.
  11. Someone should make a gif out of Ricardo's celebration.
  12. So true. I'd probably sig that.
  13. Everyone wanted someone big at #30, they got someone big :emoji_wink:.
  14. :angry:
  15. :biggrin:

    not quite what ppl meant tho lols nice play on words :welldone:
  16. Someone should sig this!
  17. Don't joke about that man :verysad: