Funny YouTube Video after Raw when off the air on 2-27-12 of Raw!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Go to 2:05 and watch it from there to 3:40 for the funny part! Or just watch whole video!

    Please rate if you like.​

  2. Can't watch it on this netbook, what is said?
  3. I put the link up.
  4. He just points at a guy who's wearing a rise above hate shirt and cracks a few jokes. It's decent but not worth pausing Miseria Cantrae for.
  5. It was FUNNY AS FUCK! :lebron:
  6. Lol the Rock is hands down more entertaining than the whole roster
  7. So he humiliates a fan? Not something I'd want to watch.
  8. No it was 21 year old Cena fans! It was good think! It was Funny! :troll:
  9. Don't worry it was funny but not like OMG YOUR TOO OLD FOR BEING A CENA FAN YOU VIRGIN. Trust me guys people like the Rock and SCSA know what to say on the mic without causing a problem.

    But overall, The Rock doing all sorts of things for 2 hours on Raw is better than the show overall. Just add different matches though.
  10. I'd rather watch Punk vs Jericho than any Rock segment, yesterday they stole the show.
  11. Yeah I would watch the Rock minus all the pauses in his damn promos.
  12. What a dick. Your going to embarrass some guy in front of a whole crowd because he's not a fan of you? This is why I don't like The Rock anymore. Not for this but because he just pisses me off.
  13. True ^

    The Rock is a dick half the time though....
  14. To be honest, I haven't seen it to that extent in a while. R-Truth threw soda on Cena fan once but there's speculation to whether he was actually a fan not an actor.
  15. I am 100% that he was an actor they don't do that with fans. Same with Capital Punishment
  16. Probably, you don't know with Rocky though.
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