Further details on midcard talents anger at lack of pay

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Source is Meltzer so beware
  2. Fuck WWE. Go TNA.
  3. Not to be a douche nut $2,000 a week I wouldn't complain especially in this economic climate so no sympathy.
  4. I sort of understand it though. How much did JTG contribute to WM's success?
  5. ^ :true:


    Yeah....I could do lots with 2,000 :emoji_grin:
  6. I do get they're pissed though as I bet thats small change compared to Punk and others.

    But I know right two thou could do so much with that!
  7. Well they had to pay for their family to go with a roundtrip, and they had to pay for their expenses too, so probally after it was all over they had a lot less then they wanted. Still it is a lot of money, they should be grateful they make that much, if they don't like it then go to another wrestling company, which I'm sure they would have actually take them in too.
  8. This was my point really. They didn't have to fly families and friends out but obvs they wanted them there. Still like you said at end of the day they still probs came out with a fair amount compared to a lot of us on here so....
  9. probably about 300 a person round trip to bring your family, plus hotel, plus tickets (if they have to pay, and i wouldnt be suprised)

    And you're talking about the biggest payday of the year by far. Its like getting a 20$ christmas bonus, and people saying well be happy you got enough gas to cover you to your families house and back for the holiday.
  10. I just wouldn't have brought my family if cash was an issue! Just gripes me that they moan about it when they are earning way more than me with ease so...

    Plus yeah ok so if they didn't earn much that night due to bringing family and friends well 500 a show thats still a lot over the year!
  11. but you are talkign the biggest show, so that amount > any other show all year, by far. Also the fact WWE keeps talking about how huge it was, and the fact that you are risking your career for .001% of the cash involved. You want to make minimum wage at a place that makes millions? Because they are basically doing the same for an industry worth BILLIONS.
  12. I can see why they are pissed but to someone who earns diddly squat it just pisses me off a little!
  13. You earn that for a reason. They didnt complain in FCW and indy parts, they are big time now.
  14. :true: I'm sure they'd get a better chance at breaking even somewhere else. WWE doesn't seem to treat their midcards all that good.
  15. I want to make that much money pls :burns:
  16. Tour of Central/South America wasn't successful? I hope that doesn't stop them from coming back. :upset:
  17. Whoa!!!! I earn that for a reason? What that I am not clever so get pigeonholed into a shit job where I have to do a stupid amount of hours to make a living.

    I could just not work and live off benefits and come out with the same money so least I get off my arse and work! If at school I'd been taught something more practical like a trade over something shit like french I may now be earning more money than I am!
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