Future for Sandow? How about him for Next WWE/WHC Champ

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  1. Future GM

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  3. US & IC Title holder for a few reigns maybe.

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  4. Unemployment/Further Burial

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  1. So Damien Sandow pretty much dropped a 'pipe-bomb' Monday and then followed it up at the Smackdown tapings with some talks insinuating that he his being handcuffed by management and being held down. Personally as a Sandow mark I have hope still that this may be leading to something big in the near future and what better time than during a dead season to draw some buzz by letting a man like Sandow who no one would think at this moment would shine be a big dog for a little while.

    ^ From Pre-Show at Monday Night RAW 5/12/2014

    With Daniel Bryan going through some neck surgery and with a lot of talk about vacating the title why not shock the world and have a massive few week long string of events leading to Sandow winning the dual straps.

    Anyone care to discuss? Is my idea lame or is it cool? I literally don't care if you hurt my feelings I just feel like talking about a potential vacant belt scenario and why not with my homeboy Sandow?​
  2. I like Sandow but no way in hell is he WHC/WWE champ material. He's good in the midcard, IC or US champ at best.
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  3. I can see why people would say that, I think he's put on some hella good matches, both vs Cena someone in the main event scene have been pretty quality main event-esque matches. He has the in-ring potential and the charisma and mic skills to do it if only the WWE would book him to win. He's had some great matches with Dolph Ziggler as well, personally I think he's shown enough out of his matches vs "main event players" to warrant him at least 1 reign.

    Then again I'm obviously a biased fan :emoji_wink:

    and in that I would obviously take a domination streak in the IC or US hunt, nothing would satisfy me more than any strap; even the coppers provided it was with someone like BNB or DZ and no one dull.
  4. I enjoy Sandow as well, but let's be realistic, he's like #13 as far as being next in line for a WWEWHC run goes.

    He'd make a great staple in the undercard contesting for the Intercontinental and/or United States Championships, or even getting his own tag team partner and going after the Tag Team Championships. But he certainly doesn't strike me as world championship material, primarily because his entire persona, while entertaining, screams nothing but cheap heat and comic relief.

    This "pipebomb" of his seems like it could be jump starting that stable of disgruntled superstars that was rumored a little while back... or it's just a prelude to another job when some random babyface gets tired of his complaining and then promptly buries him.
  5. I've never seen someone go through a "push" and then just go through such a horrible run of losses like this in such a short period of time.
    I think he could work as a 1 and done WWE/WHC champ lasting through only one PPV and even the rematch could go sour; I mean for pete's sake they let the Miz have a main event strap and I don't think Miz is any better if not worse than Sandow, sometimes you gotta go with a less obvious choice.

    No but aside from that main event scene that will most likely never happen, I really do want to see a strap being carried by him, he would wear it well especially in the midcard/tag scene. I wonder if Bo Dallas will be in the singles picture or team up; if they do team him up with someone I'll go with Sandow, I think the two of them could make a pretty solid heel team.

    "Sandow don't worry we'll be able to turn you around sometimes you just need a little assistance to help you BO-LIEVE!"
  6. He wont even get to IC/US level, he's too one dimensional and has been buried too long and hard to recover properly. They had the chance with MITB and blew it.
  7. He can be a good IC/US champion but he needs for the people in charge of giving him feuds to give him direction, and to improve his character. I'd start with him being pissed off at the WWE, and he rallies with Dolph Ziggler, someone else who has shown they're pissed at how they won't get changes and are buried 24/7 on WWE TV.
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