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  1. *Todd McKay walks out onto the stage with a mic in his hand, he has a black bin bag draped over his shoulder*
    Todd McKay: Let's skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point of why I'm out here today. I have a match against the replacement Ellis Klein. A replacement for Ty Creed who was basically a replacement for Ric Flair a man who is nothing compared to the legendary unreal one known as Todd McKay anyway I'm rambling. Ellis Klein is a man who came here to Exodus and was handed a briefcase giving him a shot at the IC title. Meanwhile I beat the last IC champion and I'm going to beat you too. But I probably still wont be given a shot at that title due to the fact that everyone is below me and they just can't handle that fact.
    *Todd pulls a replica IC title out of his black bag*
    Todd McKay: Ellis if you beat me I will not stake my claim for a title shot. But Ellis if I beat you I'm going to chase after that title so get your running shoes on sport cause you're in for the race of your life.
    *Todd throws the replica IC belt on the floor and leaves to the backstage area. The camera zooms into the IC title and the nameplate reads "The Unreal one Todd McKay"*
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