Future Looks Bright For TNA Right Now

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  1. Lockdown will be the biggest attended US live event in history of TNA (maybe the biggest ever) with over 6000 tickets sold,

    TNA is going on the road full time,

    4 major PPVs a year,

    Live TV most of the time,

    Ratings are already bigger and more steady than in 2012,

    More new wrestlers are being hired through Gutcheck and various tryouts,

    Ring Ka King Season 2 is in works,

    Australian Boot Camp is also in works,

    OVW works well with developmental talents IMO,

    PPV specials "One Night Only" could also be a good deal for TNA,

    There is much less swerves and mind boggling decisions.
  2. Yeah, things are good with TNA overall.
  3. Ring Ka King with no Steiner will not be as good. That fucker terrorized the audience, lol.
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  4. ^Agreed.

    Here's the thread about IMPACT road tapings and places where they will be hitting in the next few months. http://wweforums.net/thread-19986.html
  5. Just get them to start paying their entire roster properly and they are all set.
  6. Who will be in Ring Ka King? I appreciate TNA as they work a lot to be better.
  7. This really has nothing to do with anything. I get that you want the lower level guys to be compensated better, but it doesn't really detract from anything. if those guys had better opportunities for better pay, they would utilize it. Capitalism, it is a beautiful thing. If the demand for those wrestlers isn't high they won't be taken care of as well in the pocket books. Common sense 101.
  8. But is it okay for TNA to stiffle the rest of their income? TNA talent is not allowed to appear for other promotions that have DVD, PPV, IPPV or TV distribution deals, and if they get a booking with another company TNA is said to take around 50% of their pay as a "fee". How is that fair to these guys? who make their living through the independent scene. They would have to rely on merch sales to get by and for one person to make his own merch and sell is more of a monetary set back than a win. Capitalism in all its glory but if you cannot make sure that all of your employees can get by financially then you either need to cut back or find other solutions.
  9. We don't know yet, but Jeff Jarrett said it is works.:yes:
  10. Not true at all, almost each and everyone in TNA roster can make living in 2013, and I don't even know why you needed to bring this irelevant subject up, because "pay reports" usually came from Meltzer.

    So I'm breaking it down for you:

    - 52 TV events per year
    - 4 PPVs
    - 8 PPV specials
    - 120+ live events
    - OVW

    Because of that, even those who right now aren't used on TV (like Gunner, Crimson, Doug Williams, Alex Silva, Sam Shaw, Madison Rayne, Taeler Hendrix) can make a decent living.

    They may not be on TV, but they are used by the organization in some way. And nobody really knows lowercarders pays, so why even bother with it? This isn't 2007 like when Jerry Lynn departed because they didn't use him. And why he departed? Because TNA only ran TV, not house shows. If they ran house shows (then he would make money), he'd never leave.

    Just enjoy wrestling dude, stop caring about something doesn't bother you or anyone of us.
  11. Didn't Taylor Wilde still work at a sunglasses store while knockouts champion in the old days, at least they're past the stage I suppose. I'm not keen on them stopping people doing other shows though tbh, I understand them not wanting to risk main talent but a talent exchange project say with DGUSA as an example would help them grab some talent who works there and allow their guys to learn new style. Robbie T working with Tozawa would improve him greatly as an example.
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  12. Because it worries me. I won't enjoy something if I know that some of the guys performing for me is not getting their fair share. I am basing this off of Stevie Richards (A highly respected wrestler in the business) statement that when he was with TNA and wasn't being used he wasn't getting checks. This is something that a lot of ex TNA guys have been critical off, Christian for example had many grievances about this when he went back to the WWE. How he saw some talent being treated.

    In no way is this an irrelevant subject. If a company cannot fully support all of their talent then I feel that it should be brought to light so that steps can be taken to resolve the issue. To just say "shut up and enjoy the wrestling" is pulling a blanket over a problem. Which also in my minds leads to one of my irks with TNA, the fluxuating roster. The TNA mid card roster changes much more regularly than the WWE or ROH rosters and in my mind that is because people simply cannot make ends meet while working for them, people with families who have to not only provide for themselves but for wife and child or any other family constellation. So no this is not in my mind and irrelevant subject. But rather something that needs to be discussed so that idea for how it can be resolved can be thought of.
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  13. Pumped for everything on this list.

    1. On the Road
    2. Live Impact Most of the times
    3. 4 PPV's
    4. Ring Ka King
  14. Stevie Richards complains because he got "underpayed"? Newsflash Steve, undercarders do get undercard checks. What did he think, he'll be a main eventer in TNA, and when that failed, he'd still be making lots of money?:cornette:

    + I don't care about him anymore, he's Shane Douglas guy - the God of Anti-TNAism these days, as is the half of Etreme Rising roster.

    Anyhow, there've been issues in the past with some wrestler's checks, but also some of them overrated themselves and thus why they blame everyone else for it. If you're an undercarder and the company doesn't do enough shows and isn't big enough at the time, what can you expect? A bianco check?

    There's been issues in the past, again, but get over it Stevie.

    It's 2013 now, diferrent time. Check my previous post on why that matters. 150 shows a year and 95% of the 50 wrestler roster can make a helluva living.

    That haven't been the case in the past, past is past, but this is now, and I'm glad it is. Case closed IMO.
  15. They're doing more shows which is great but the added salaries of Hogan, Bischoff, RVD before his contract expired, Hardy and Anderson will have taken a chunk of that surely. I know Spike helped fund Sting and Angle at one point, is this still the case? Really unsure on that one, plus you have travel expenses which could be an issue as well if they're doing more shows. Say you're a lower card vanilla midget who's earning $300 a week does TNA help cover your travel, food and accomodation? Admittedly I pulled those figues outta of my ass but you're smart so you'll understand the principle, now compare that to the IZ you only have to get to and from Florida, you've maybe moved there as you're on call to work so that's even less expenses. Flair mentions here that they don't cover expenses, although indirectly and admittedly you must question him as a source. ( source )

    Also they're rumoured to not offer support with medical bills, as shown here when Ron Killing's injury is mentioned and how they wanted him to pay back the costs although it was a show TNA booked him on and took a fee for. A similar situation occured with Conan ( source ) which IMO shows the inept nature of TNA's management in the past with many of those still on the office today it raises issues for concern IMO, same as Vince's history of mistreating his staff, no matter how many public charades he presents I'll maintain he's a manipulative man who'll do what ever he has to remain king of the hill, maybe it's what you need to be a success in this wrestling business we all love. Just an IMO of course.

    I kind of agree with both of you if that makes sense, I agree the issues were and could well still be present due to the idiotic nature of some of TNA's management however all the reports seem to be from years ago so we can only speculate whether the issues are still present. Jesse Sorrenson's situation offers me hope however, they handled his retirement excellently IMO.
  16. I get what you're saying and we all know there's been issues with certain individuals here and there, and we also know TNA takes care of its talent, multiple ones have stated it like Sorensen, Daniels and Sting.

    I still stand by my point, this is 2013. TNA is in a new era, they run DOUBLE more events then they ran 6 yrs ago, they have more money sources let alone Spike TV etc. 95% of the main TNA roster can make a helluva living if they want, and don't let even started on how many wrestlers sign yearly on Gutcheck process just to be a part of the roster and how many people TNA signed to a contract in 2012. Past is past, now is now, lets move since everything is OK and nobody complains (minus Stopspot :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P).
  17. Not to be disrespectful but you approach of "past is the past" seems to me like ignoring the fact that this has been an issue and that these kind of problems haven't existed. It's like its not okay to discuss the fact that TNA over the years have been very bad at managing their talent, but it is okay to bring up errors that WWE and other promotions have done? Seems like sweeping the black side of TNA under the rug to me.

    I like TNA. I just feel like this is not something that should be ignored. The fact that rumors like the one that the Mid card talent had to bunker up in one room during the 2011 UK tour because they couldn't afford individual rooms due to the pay should be reason enough to discuss this subject. If we can be critical of WWE's previous business decisions why not TNA's?
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  18. Man, you really don't read what I write, don't you?:damnn:

    I said there HAVE BEEN problems.
    I have NOT ignored them.
    I have said the problems HAVE existed.

    I just don't feel the need to get into much details about it since its pretty much past and I don't want to look into past a lot. Now is now. I hope that isn't a problem to understand. I'm not type of a fan (dunno how to express in diferrent way).
  19. And I'm saying it is still possibly the present. Other than silence there have been no reports of these issues being resolved or improved. That could mean that TNA has improved upon all these points yes but it could also mean that a company whide order of "you do not speak about what goes on backstage" has gone out. Dixie Carter used to work in PR before going into wrestling, if there is one thing she knows it is how to build an image. And with impact going on the road I feel that the issue of pay is a relevant subject. If it still is like before, where mid card talent was paid roughly $300 per match with no travel expenses covered and they are going to do more dates that would entail more travel and travel related expenses. Despite working more dates these under card guys would start losing money since they would have to pay for their own lodging, cars, gas and food. If these issues with pay still exist, how is that fair to guys like Christian York, Kenny King, Rockstar Spud (who still lives in England so he has to fly in from the UK as well) and so forth? Since there are no solid info on how these guys are paid now there is still the chance that this is the way they are paid.

    If we can talk about negatives about WWE then we can also talk about negatives (rumored and real) about TNA. A lot of people here paint TNA up as the perfect wrestling company which in my mind seems a bit naive. And this comes from the guy who's been called Mr. Positive.
  20. Great post.
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