Future NXT Champions

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Tacokillu, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. I think No Way Jose Can really take it.
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura and Austin Aries are clear future champions, in my opinion. But I don't see Aries sticking around for another year, if it mean't he wasn't getting called up to the main roster, soon. Another name that I think has a chance, is Hideo Itami. He's gonna be spending some more time in NXT, and I see a Nakamura v. Itami feud that may be for the NXT title if Samoa Joe drops it, and another name might be Johnny Gargano. I can see him winning the title next year or in 2018.
  3. Jose taking the title? lol No Way, Jose!

    Nakamura is the next champ, followed by Aries and Roode, perhaps. All depends on how long the likes of Naka, AA, Roode and Itami are supposed to stick around.
  4. Nakamura,Itami,Aries and Roode.
  5. Because Roode is a staple of NXT TV. It's more likely Roode ends up on the main roster.

    The NXT title needs to end up on a performance center graduate soon. There needs to be a return of investment in that place sooner rather than later. So far not a single champion has been a pure WWE product
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  7. What about Bo and Big E? Or are we talking about champions post-Bo Dallas' run?

    And to answer the "put the title on a PC graduate" part, yeah, I think they should start investing in that.
  8. Tye is not a PC product. He's a 10+ year indy veteran and even had a run with WWE in 06-07.
    Neither man trained in the performance center. When the PC opened Big E had been on the main roster for about 6 months and Bo was on his way out of NXT
  9. I know...I just want him to finally be a champion :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Joe->Nakamura->Itami->Nakamura->Roode->Aries
  11. Why would Itami drop it back to Nakamura? :idk:
  12. So Nakamura would become the 1st ever 2 time NXT champion, perhaps when called up to the main roster having a feud with Balor, longest reigning NXT champion Vs the only 2 time NXT champion.
  13. WWE is not going to base a main roster feud on that.
  14. Well, I figured that was your logic. Can't say I dig it.

    I'm a huge Nakamura fan, but doing something like that would feel pretty contrived.
  15. Nakamura will probably take it from Joe and have a long reign until facing Roode at Nxt wm special. Nakamura will probably defend successfully against Aries and Hideo.

    Would be cool to see an Nxt champion who actually came up through the performance center and didn't get a name elsewhere
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  16. Yes they should!!
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