Future of Honor Internet Exclusive - Shaheem Ali vs Jonathan Gresham

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  1. Future of Honor Ali vs Gresham
    Ring of Honor has a history of creating excellence, being the breeding ground for some of the industry's biggest stars. Now, ROH will introduce you to the stars of tomorrow with a special series called "Future of Honor", to be hosted as a YouTube exclusive.

    With the "Future of Honor" series, fans will get a glimpse of young stars who have gone through Ring of Honor proving grounds and shown themselves to have the special talents and skill that makes them the future of Ring of Honor.

    A focus for the Future of Honor series will be include an interactive community segment where fans will give feedback on who they thought performed better or was more entertaining. We want to hear your opinion on who deserves to shine under the bright lights of Ring of Honor.

    The inaugural Future of Honor contest will see Philadelphia's Shaheem Ali taking on Atlanta's Jonathan Gresham.

    Ali is a very athletic newcomer and a current member of the Ring of Honor Dojo. He has appeared on previous Ring of Honor live events and his continuous improvement has shown that he is a talent that cannot be denied. Atlanta's Jonathan Gresham is a spark plug; a flashy grappler with a ton of pizzazz and confidence.

    These two provide a great contrast, but the one with the stronger desire to be the Future of Honor will be the one to be victorious.

    Ring of Honor fans, we want to hear your voice! Please take to Twitter and Facebook and let your voice be heard on who you believe will be the future of Ring of Honor.

    Follow ROH on Twitter: @RingofHonor

    Like ROH at: Facebook.com/RingofHonor

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