Future of TNA World Title?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. With the Styles/Magnus feud done forever, right now theirs three guys in my mind I can see getting title shots maybe not next week but in the coming weeks.The first one is Jeff Hardy, he was screwed outta the World Title in the Tournament final so that feud could develop once he comes back.Another guy I could see getting a shot now is Samoa Joe.The man last night was mugged to keep him outta the main event so he has a bone to pick with Dixie Carter and her peasants.Why not give Joe a shot the storyline is already there, former partners who was the better Wrestler for the team.Now this last guy I thought of just lost his X-Division Title and that man is Austin Aries.He took on Bobby Roode and stopped his successful reign as champion, Aries is good enough in the ring and on the microphone to take out Dixie Carter's champion.
  2. Joe, Aries, Angle, Hardy, Storm, even Roode maybe.... Good list of challengers to go against Swagnus until it "clicks" with the right one to take the gold from Magnus.
  3. Great list, bro. Actually I don't think Hardy is an option at all because of the following reason: he may come back in February and coming back and giving him a title shot... I think he would fit in some other storylines.

    Roode, well, he actually deserves a title shot, it's been a really long time since the last time I've seen him with the Heavyweight Title and damn, he is the IT factor of professional wrestling and his storyline with Angle is somehow boring right now. After Genesis he may not have a storyline or feud or any other stuff to work with and make him look brilliant so it'd be awesome to feud for the title and after one or two months, Roode finally defeating Magnus on a Dixieland match.

    The rest of they guys mentioned, well, they truly deserve the title so I can't add any other stuff to that.
  4. Pretty sure I posted this before, but I've thought about it more and decided to do this differently.

    I say Jeff Hardy next. It'll give Magnus more credibility going over a former 2 time world champion and a pretty well known name in the company. Plus, it'll give Hardy something to do before creative can put him in another feud, or even another division. Would rather stick Hardy in the X Division with a young talent, but not winning the belt. Or put him in the tag team division with someone fresh who can work with him. Only want Hardy to be used to put over World or X Division champions really. He can get the tag team strap, but only if he's teaming with someone fresh who could use the boost.

    Next after Hardy, I say Austin Aries. Austin can play the underdog face really good, he did it before with Bobby Roode. If he wins it and defends it successfully, I would like to see another Aries/Roode feud in the future. If not, it would just put Magnus over and give him even more credibility. Plus holding the title for the length of after his feud with Aries, will be a perfect setup for the next opponent I have in mind.

    Samoa Joe is the one that should come after Austin Aries. He would have defended his belt against, Gunner, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Austin Aries. He held it for a good amount of time, that it would bring in question more that he could actually lose the belt to Joe. These two have history together as a team, as tournament winners and former tag team champions. This feud could possibly be the best of Magnus's reign if booked correctly. I would say have Magnus go over with Joe getting the upper hand each week, unlike the previous feuds where I would have Magnus have the upperhand most of the feuds. Joe can play a very dangerous person, and can definitely put Magnus's reign in question and add more excitement.
  5. Yeha, but Hardy is out until March, bro. What to do until then? Aries, Joe?
  6. Then someone else can be an easy fit. Only put Hardy for he can go over a former world champion during his reign. Maybe James Storm or Mr. Anderson. If nobody else, then just switch Aries and Hardy around and have Aries go after Magnus first. Really want to save the Joe/Magnus feud for later in his reign so it'll feel like there's more of a chance he'll lose the strap in a feud with someone who has history with him like Joe does.
  7. Joe and Aries are the two guys I'd like to see against Magnus. Everything Aries does is great, so that's a no brainer. Joe, if he's motivated, can do great stuff too, so perhaps a program for the World title would help him.
  8. Joe's gonna kill ya.
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  12. You were the Ring Of Honour Champion for the longest of all time but 5,000 people came into this arena whilst Bryan Danielson was wrestling Nigel McGuiness to defend my ROH world title. You had the duration I took this company to the next level.
  13. @Danielson I am the longest Ring of Honor champion :yay:
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  15. Zema Ion.
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