Future Of Triple H's Career As A Wrestler

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  1. Triple H still has some more wrestling matches left in him according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

    Triple H is making his executive position top priority but is planning on wrestling from time to time when the right feud and storyline comes along each year. It is expected Triple H will have this schedule for the next year until WrestleMania 29 and then will revaluate the situation of how much more time he wants to spend in the ring versus devoting all of his time behind the scenes.
  2. Firstly, welcome back Brooklyn, been a while since I've seen you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Now on-topic. I'm glad, although I dislike the guy. He's in shape, he's a big name, he could put someone over big time. If he goes over someone though and takes up 20+ minutes of TV time I'll be pissed.

    But as someone said earlier, what was the point in "the end of an era" if both are still wrestling (taker and HHH)? Unless it did just mean with those two in the same ring a the same time.
  3. I'd want talent like Wade Barrett to go over him. I don't mind if he returns to put over talent such as Wade, but it's he's returning to do his boring promo segments and defeats people from time to time just to feed his ego then I wouldn't be very happy. I just hope he comes to let people go over him, if anything.
  4. Oh god imagine the HHH vs Wade promos. Wade would outshine him and finally people will see him how I see him, the future of the company, the modern version of heel HHH.
  5. Doesn't everyone bar Vince seem to see Wade as the future number 1 heel?
  6. Probably. I'm sure Vince has to be a fan of Wade, since he likes legitimate tough big guys right? Wade is a tough SOB.
  7. It doesn't feel good on my side to have Wade going over HHH. I'm sorry.

    (Btw, if I would translate the above line do Dutch it would say: It doesn't feel good to let Wade have sex with HHH.)
  8. I wish Vince would show his love for him. A feud with Sheamus writes it's self, the arrogant English ( how we're stereotyped by the majority of the world) Vs. the fun loving hot headed Irishman ( their stereotype)
  9. LOL.

    Why not have Wade go over him though? He's the future, HHH is the past.

    Sheamus'll just bury him, that's the worse feud possible for Barrett. Everything else you're right about, it writes itself, both from UK, both got to WWE in similar fashion. J
  10. Exactly what I'm getting at. Wade Barrett vs HHH would be awesome, that could be a possible match at WrestleMania, well not possible, they should make it happen if they plan on making a feud between them both. They don't even need a stipulation in that match to make the match entertaining, it would be great. The match aside, the promo's would be fantastic. Wade Barrett would actually deliver entertaining promos. If done right this could be an great story-line.
  11. I know, but I rather see him go over someone else.
  12. Mark. :bury:
  13. No no, in both ways. Barrett going over someone else, and someone else going over HHH.

    Damn, it's so sick minded how I keep thinking in Dutch words.
  14. Why not Barrett over HHH? The feud would be great imo.
  15. I just don't feel it dammit! :upset:
  16. I'm sorry but Barrett will never be the next top generation. Barrett's got talent but there not gonna use him to his full potential. They would rather have legends/old timers come in and steal all the spotlight.
  18. They're eventually going to use their young talent. Whether they bring back legends/old timers or not. If you look at people like Daniel Bryan now, he's a star. It didn't take a lot, just a simple Money in the bank cash in, him getting cheap wins and shouting 'YES, YES, YES' and so forth made him into a star. Look at him, many people including myself thought he wouldn't make him but look at him. I personally think Wade's got a huge future ahead of him.
  19. Maybe, but I hold hope. Barrett can force his way into the ME by being talented. There was a report that he was meant to win MITB this year.
  20. People said the same with Jack Swagger now look at him. Great talent getting sent to the sidelines with vickie guerrero.
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