Future plans for Rhodes and second generation diva

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. If done right this can work. Ashley should do some mic work and she can spend the remaining time doing dark matches or work in NXT to sharpen her ring skills even more.

  2. :obama: That would be interesting. Wonder if Ric Flair would return to the WWE though.
  3. Well.....she's gotta be better than Brooke Hogan, amirite?

    Seriously, they need to do something with Cody. He was doing so well as IC Champ, but has gone basically nowhere since losing the title.

  4. It could be good, as long as Ashley is ready to go in the ring and on the mic when they do this.
  5. I like the idea but not for Rhodes. Rhodes is a great talker on the mic and managers usually are added when someone can't speak that well. Now if Rhodes was included in some sort of generational wrestler stable with a few others from wrestling families, then it could be interesting. It would be like a modern Legacy.
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  6. Agreed. Love storyline, anyone?
  7. Who would you pair Ashley up with then? No one comes to my mind right now. :hmm:
  8. If you want to stick her with another second-generation superstar, why not Dibiase?
  9. The thing is they picked Rhodes and Ashley because of the history between the Flair and Rhodes families. Ric and Dusty had some great matches and rivalries through the years. That is why they want to put them together. To play off of it since it gives the story some great background.
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  10. Nice pick, could work, since DiBiase's gimmick is painfully generic. Any type of spark or change to his character is welcome I think.

    That's also true, I guess if Dusty and Flair were under contract the storyline could be really good though.
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