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Hunter Ray

The scene begins in rather high quality wrestling performance center, the camera pans around showing the multiple wrestling rings, then camera then cuts to Ignition reporter Christy McCarthy who is standing with newcomer Hunter Ray, with her microphone ready in hand, McCarthy begins to speak.

Christy McCarthy: I'm here with highly touted new comer, Hunter Ray. Hunter you make your Ignition debut next week against a high level competitor in William McCoy, how do you feel about your opposition?

Hunter Ray takes a breath and responds.

Hunter Ray: To make my debut against a man like William McCoy, is an incredible honor. But I can't let the lights blind me, I gotta make a good first impression and show this company exactly who they're dealing with. That all starts with Mr.McCoy, bet on me.

Hunter Ray leaves the cameras view to go back to training, and McCarthy with a smile on her face speaks once more.

Christy McCarthy: And that'll be all for now! be sure to tune into Ignition to witness Hunter Ray's debut and all the action along with it!

The camera fades and the scene ends there.
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